Kong- Skull Island


This is a massive monster movie where the monsters are the stars. I have seen Kong before in various adaptations and it hasnt really worked since the 1930’s version. This most recent film is pretty spectacular in the monster sense. There are monsters everywhere and they come in all shapes and sizes.

The story explains how the island of Kong is discovered. It is like the Bermuda triangle where people suddenly go missing. It is a land sheltered by a storm which can suck you in when it feels like it. This happens to two unfortunate pilots who come from different sides of WW2. They continue to fight until a large shadow is cast over them.

The film whizzes off to 1973 where crazy scientists claim that they have found an undiscovered island home to many monsters. An expedition is agreed with the support of the army who have just retreated from the Vietnam War. We also have a photographer and a  tracker who will help on the journey.

They manage to fight there way through the storm, but soon wish they hadn’t as they have reached the scariest place on earth. To state that Kong isn’t happy about them being there would be an understatement. He soon gets his hands on those small helicopters leading to a spectacular and imaginitive fight. The survivors now have to find their way out of this nightmare.

As I mentioned from the top, the monsters are the stars. The fight scenes have been created brillianty. The monsters are pretty scary and some scenes are pretty brutal. The human cast struggle throughout and are a complete side show. Tom Hiddleston as the hero is truly  awful and wooden. This was really miscast and he struggles in this action film. The same can be said for Brie Larson as her character has no real depth. John Goodman is good as the crazy scientist, but again it is not a great part.The star of the film is Jonh C Riley who plays the pilot left on the island from 1944. He struggles having been isolated for all these years and comes across as a little crazy. He has the best background story and some great lines. Samuel Jackson struggles too, but he does have some strength to his character. The slow motion camera scenes are just pure cheese and feel cringeworthy.

Unfortunately the makers of this film spent more time on the monsters than the humans. This makes for great peaks during the Kong scenes, but huge troughs for the humans. The monster scenes are definitely worth a watch and make a poor film into  one worth a watch.




Room is a film from the perspective of a 5 year old boy. This boy has never seen what lies behind the four walls of the room he lives in. He can see some of the sky through the sky light, but that is it. He has never seen the grass, trees, animals, cars and has only seen two other humans, his mum and her captor Nick. The only way he can see the outside world is through the TV set, but he is told that this isn’t real. The outside world is space and he and his mum scream loud each day in order to catch the Aliens attention.

They have washing facilities, a toilet, food, cooking equipment and a bed. All their supplies come from Nick in the evening when he comes in to share the bed with the boys mother. He doesn’t stay, he gets what he wants and leaves. He is the boys father but has no contact with him. The two of them spend day after day there watching Tv, making up games and creating egg snakes. This has been the case for 5 years for the boy and 7 years for his mum.

Most of the film is taken up by the boy and his mum. We generally only see Nick through the slats of the wardrobe. Everything is seen through the boys eyes. Brie Larson plays the mother and does a great job showing the pain of knowing there is an outside world, being fiercely protective of her son and looking like a woman who has suffered more than her fair share. She has Been nominated for an Oscar for the role, however I think there have been better performances this year. Jacob Tremblay plays the boy and he steals the show in my opinion. It was a great idea by the author to write from the child’s point of view. It is a tough part, but one Jacob really does well with. You see his streets, his confusion, his anger and his fear. Him and Brie have a great chemistry and you really believe that they are in this horrible situation and this gives them this amazing connection.

This is a must see film and completely original. Are the mother and son better off in this room? What will happen if they escape? How would they cope after all these years? Will the author ever write from the mother’s point of view?



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