The end of the F**King World. Season 1


I recently watched season 2 having seen season 1 when it first came out. Like the first season I didn’t really know what to expect, but it has become my favourite show over the last year.


It starts with a psycho, brings in a brutal Yorkshire lass, throws in some abandonment, teenage angst, adventure, wonderful music, a murder, a chase and finishes with a tragic love story. What more can you want?

James believes he is a psychopath and wants to move on from killing little creatures and bag himself a real kill. His attention is drawn to a girl at school called Alyssa who on first sight is rather obnoxious. She is daring and up front and very direct in what she wants. The kissing scenes are hilarious as James sits there like a cold fish while Alyssa attempts to make out with him. His main focus is the kill!!

They both struggle at home. James has an annoying father and lost his mum to suicide, which has caused him to shut off all his emotions. Alyssa was abandoned by her dad leaving her mum to bring her up. Her mum meets and marries a real slime ball and they have twins. Alyssa is pushed out and ignored making her bitter and angry. She shows this by insulting everyone she comes across.

As they spend time together taking cars, committing a murder, going on the run and falling in love you see James leave his ice cold exterior behind as he finally feels emotion. In Alyssa you still see the rage, but you see smiles, laughter and the warmth she has. You also see how important it is for her to be loved.

Nit quite loves young dream.

It’s great hearing their inner thoughts and it’s clear that James doesn’t read Alyssa at all. Despite all the tragedy there are so many funny moments. It’s been told to make you feel awkward and you certainly see how bad the main characters are at social situations. They also manage to cover subjects such depression, death, sex, anxiety and the show successfully helps you warm to the characters.

On top of that you have an amazing 60s soundtrack. Laughing on the outside and crying on the inside being one of the major tracks and it’s no doubt something we have all done. The events although seem to be in the present time could easily be in any decade. The music sets the emotion and is vital to the show. It sets the scenes and draws out each characters emotions.

The two stars Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther play teenagers brilliantly. You would never know that they are in their 20s. They are able to show the characters awkwardness, fun, love and fear. You really route for them along the way and feel their disappointments. It’s clear the two actors have great chemistry and they bring two people who are so different successfully together.

I love this show and I hope there is more. I think so many people can relate to the people involved, particularly those who have been through trauma.

He’s not that into it.