300: rise of an empire


Now the Oscars are over it seems to be slim pickings when choosing a film to go to see at the cinema. I did want to see 300 because I had enjoyed the previous one so much and since childhood I have always enjoyed Greek mythology, watching Jason and the Argonauts as well as Clash of the Titans. There are plenty of battle cries, bulging muscle and buxom lady warriors to see in this film following the battle between Persia and Greece, principally the city of Athens. I love the way the director film’s each sequence with its cloudy mysticism. Those more technically minded than me will know what type of filming this is, alas I love film but know very little about how it works.

The basic story is about a famous Greek warrior who is willing to take on the might of the Persian army. The Persians have a God ruling them in the shape of Xerxes who was once a man but became a God by immersing himself in a pool of evil after a long journey through the wilderness. Revenge is his sole endeavour as he wants to kill those that killed his father. The once powerful king was killed by a single arrow to the heart produced from the strong arms of the Greek warrior Thermestokles mentioned earlier. Xerxes is the God, But at his side is a warrior princess Artemesia who also seeks revenge, having been born a Greek, but living as a slave to the many men that killed and raped her family. She is definitely a lady not to be messed with as she can fight like a man, but can also use her body to allure those weak enough not to be able to resist temptation.

There are numerous battle scenes on the sea, but most are pretty much the same. It is a battle against the odds, skill verses numbers and one woman against one man. Eva Green is the perfect villain as she shows off her fighting skills on numerous occasions. The look of evil in her eyes most definitely keeps you hooked, there is no soft side to this warrior princess. Eva is never too scared to reveal her body in films and this is no exception. She is an attractive actress, but the camera is not so kind to her at certain angles in this film particularly when her beauty is mentioned. It is very hard to believe that Eva is French as she puts on an English accent to bring fourth her evil character. It’s funny how the English make such good villains.

Sullivan Stapleton ‘llays the Greek warrior Thermestockles and the hero very well although there are quite a few cheesy lines coming from that Australian mouth of his. This is all part if the fun and I think the hammy acting adds to the fun of the film and brings the characters to life. You can really believe that he is the hero although I’m not sure I believe that this man has has the brains and the tactics to win against such a sizeable enemy. There are more six packs on show then in a copy of men’s health, whether this is as a result of a major workout or whether they have been airbrushed on, I’m not sure?
Xerxes is the God although he looks very camp with his make up and large collection of jewellery. The difference between Xerxes human form and his change to a living God is spectacular, making you think that there are two actors playing the part, but I assure you there is is only one. In all honesty he is not the one in charge, it is Eva Green who has the balls in this war.

The film was hugely enjoyable with its many stylistic scenes, big characters and cheesey lines. It’s one of those films that does exactly what it says on the tin. The vast majority of the film involves sword play, blood, mysticism and a snippet of sex. If you don’t want to think too hard and don’t mind a group of muscular men running around with swords then this is a good film for you to see. Don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed.