Cobra Kai


I loved karate kid when I was a kid. I was super excited when Cobra Kai was released with the original Karate kid star Ralph Machio and the original actor who plays Jonny Lawrence. It starts 30 years on and their lives couldn’t be more different. Daniel is now a successful business man and Lawrence is a washed up maintenance man still bitter from his loss all those years ago. They have very different lives, but when Jonny Lawrence starts the Cobra Kai up again it has a big impact on Daniel. The message is still the same “Mercy is for the weak” you know some how revenge is on the cards.

I love the flashbacks from the original movie and I hope there will be more of the original characters coming in. You would think Jonny would have learnt that his original Sensai screwed up his life and now he is doing the same to the next generation.

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