My top 10 of 2016


10. Anthropoid 

I loved the performances in this from all involved, in a film that is particularly hard hitting. The script and the performances  had to be good because those that died deserved a true and accurate portrayal of what they went through. It is not a happy film, but then you cant expect that.


My wife wanted to see this one and I wasn’t so sure  In all fairness I had little knowledge of who Snowden was? or what he did? Joseph Gordon Levit’s performance is very good and this becomes more clear when you hear the real Snowden at the end. I love a story where there is a just cause and a battle between doing right and wrong. 

8. Sully

Tom Hanks has been one of my favourite actors for a long time and my love of his films continues. Sully is another true story and Tom Hanks is brilliant in the role. The real Sully was impressed with the way he was played. The film was the perfect length and you really got caught up in the whole debate of whether Sully did the right thing? it seems crazy that he was even questioned.

7. Spotlight

Another true story! I like my films, the way I  like my books, to be factual in some way. Spotlight has a number of great performances, but Mark Ruffalo really gets the chance to show off his acting skill. The number of priests involved in abuse is absolutely astonishing. The emotion from the victims is really palpable which is testament to their performances.

6. Nocturnal Animals

Amy Adams is one of the best actresses around at the moment and continues to perform well in 2016. Nocturnal Animals really puts you on the edge of your seat, even squirm at some points. The start sets the scene as large naked women dance in front of you and the shocks continue after this . You are thrown in to turmoil as you wonder what you would do in Jake Gyllenhaal’s situation. You may judge him as weak? you may sympathise  with him? You may even find yourself fighting on his behalf. I loved this film so much I bought and read the book. 


Amy Adams shows up once more  and again she is very good. This is not your typical alien invasion film. It is about communication and language not guns and explosions. It is about the present and past and about bringing humans together.

4.Hell or High Water

A modern day western with three massive performances from the main cast. Jeff Bridges is exceptional as he chases down two armed robbers in his slow and methodical way. He is chasing two brothers, one crazy who has no moral fibre and will do whatever it takes, the other is more brain than brawn and is hell bent on supporting his son and making a future for him. This is by far Chris Pines best performances on film.

3.The Revenant

Leonardo Di Caprio rarely puts a foot wrong on screen and should have a cabinet full of Oscars. He whole heartedly deserved this Oscar. It is a great and gutsy film which required learning a different language and eating meat, raw liver, I believe. Di Caprio is very dedicated to his craft. The bear scene really shakes you to the bone. The cinematography is beautiful and the scenes amazing. Tom Hardy is wonderful as always and plays the baddy quite disgustingly.

2.The Big Short

I imagine this wouldnt make many peoples top 10 or even 20, but this is a film I could watch over and over. I love Steve Carrels performance in this. How he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar is beyond me. I am just amazed at how awful the housing market was in the U.S. How did people buy so many houses without being checked? You really feel the conflict in Steve’s chatacter as he realises he is set to gain out of everyone elses misery. Ryan Gosling is hilarious here and Bale is just perfect as he shows very little emotion as he is proved right.

1.Captain Fantastic

I love this film because I have travelled the world and felt great freedom. My wife and I dream of just setting off in a campervan and living freely. This is exactly what Vigo Mortenson and his wife do. They take their family and live out in the wilderness. They teach their children in their tree house and bring them up as extremely intelligent children; but what they have in brains they lack in social skills. They struggle to socialise with the outside world which played out in a very funny scene showing the eldest sons first kiss. We also see the emotions of bereavement when the mother dies. We see anger when the grandfather blames Vigo’s character for his daughters death. We see the realisation that maybe the life that is set up for the children may in theory be healthy, but in reality it lacks human interaction which is paramount in the modern world. This is the best performance from Vigo and the young cast are brilliant. I am counting down the days until this is released on DVD. 



5 thoughts on “My top 10 of 2016

  1. Love that we have a few of the same choices! So disappointed that I never got to see Captain Fantastic, it looks great and I love Viggo Mortensen!

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