Manchester By The Sea


This is not a happy film by any stretch of the imagination although there are some funny moments. Most of the fun comes from how quiet the main character is, Lee Chandle played by Casey Affleck. You can see from the start that he is a very damaged man and a very angry man. He once lived in Manchester by the sea, but is now a janitor in Boston. There are frequent flashbacks to happy times back home, building up to why Lee is now a shell of a man.Then his brother dies and he has been left as trustee to his brothers estate and guardian of his teenage nephew.

He doesn’t cope very well with looking after the young lad and tries to palm him off on whoever he can. The problem is not the boy, but the place in the title, a place that brings back terrible memories for Lee. Slowly as he deals with his brothers death and his new role as guardian we see the past involving his wife and children who are no longer part of his life. 

We see the young lad coping with his fathers death even though it was inevitable, it is of course hard. We see how he has grown up and how he has become a sportsman, ladies man, belongs to a band and enjoys being out on the sea. We see him put on a brave face and see him crack up. It is hard to talk it through as his uncle is completely numb to life. 

There are some laugh out loud lines to the film surprisingly. This is mainly between Lee and his nephew Pat. The light hearted relief is definitely needed due to the rather depressing subject.

Casey Affleck is perfect as Lee. It is not an easy part to play, a part where sometimes just a movement of the eyes is needed. I liked the way that everything continued on as normal to a degree after Joe’s passing. Life does carry on after death and people carry on their every day lives. There isn’t always a  constant explosion of emotion after death. Lucas Hedgrs plays patrick very well and you see how he struggles with not belonging, seeing his dead father and waiting for his burial. I hope he can continue in his career in this positive note and pick up great roles.

This is a great film which speeds past despite how long it is. The performances from the main cast are brilliant having to tackle difficult subjects.


La La Land


When you look at Musicals that have won Oscars and compare them to La La Land then unfortunately the favourite for this years Oscars doesnt come close. If you compare it to Oliver, Gigi, West Side Story and The Sound of Music then you’ll see that La La Land is just a nice film. I wouldn’t even say that it is the best film in this years category. I could even go as far to say that it shouldn’t have been nominated. I am used to being in the minority view though.

I can say that I went into this film really excited, as I love film musical. I left not really knowing whether I enjoyed it or not? I think for the most part not, but the bits I liked, I really liked. I think the biggest draw is the fact that it is different and this type of film hasn’t been done for a long time. If this film had been created in the 50’s then it would have disappeared amongst the many others. Maybe I was expecting too much?

Anyway the story is simple, which is always a good thing. A girl is trying to break into Hollywood film, but keeps being rejected. She works in a coffee house during the day to make ends meet and is close to giving up. We have a Guy who plays Jazz piano and is sick of playing the same old things. He wants to open his own Jazz bar and spread his passion for Jazz. The two meet coincidentally on numerous occasions and start to encourage eachother to realise their dream and fall in love in the mean time. Not an original story by any stretch of the imagination.

There is dancing, song, drama and a mixture of decades including 50’s, 80’s and current which makes a bit of a confusing mixture. I loved the scenes at the end although I didnt like the ending particularly. There isn’t a great number of songs and the dancing although nice does not compare to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. There isn’t a great deal of energy either in the dance routines. I did love the song City of Stars. Emma Stone is great in her part and you can really feel her dispair that her career isn’t going her way. Ryan Gosling was good although his character was weak and the change in him didn’t really add up.

I love the nostalgia and the links to Rebel Without a Cause which is a truly great film. I loved the beautiful scenes and how they brought back the romance of films in the 50’s. The hand touching scene was full of electric although subtle at the same time, which was refreshing to see. Something that many films could take on rather than the numerous sex scenes and nudity we see in film now.

Overall I was underwhelmed, but I would like to see the film again although I am not sure why?. I’m sure this film will blow everyone away at the Oscars which will be a shame for the rest as I think there is a good mixture of films.





In the current world a third of the population consider themseves to be Christian. In modern Japan the christian population stands at 2 million which is about 1%. Considering that Christianity is the most followed religion it seems strange that Christianity hasn’t reached Japan in a bigger way. Budhism and Shinto are the most followed religions although modern day Japanese are not strict followers and only really take religion on special occasions.

I start like this because Silence is about the spread of Christianity in Japan. Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver play Portuguese  priests searching for father Ferreira who is believed to have turned his back on christianity. The two priests hope that they find Father Ferreira still in the cloth and still dedicated to God. They take a Japanese man with them to guide them. He reminds me of Golem because is a snivelling wretch of a man, with no back bone and little faith. Not the best guide, but a major part of the story.

The priests arrive in a village and are greeted as gods by the christian community. The community are at great risk as they are persecuted in Japan and risk their lives following the religion. The two priests have to hide away and hold secret sermons hoping to spread the word. They are awaiting information on their friend, which comes after time. 

They part ways in order to stay safe from the leaders. Each time their guide betrays them before asking forgiveness. You see the leading christians suffer great pain as they refuse to turn their back on god. This creates great turmoil for the priests as they see followers suffer while they hide away. It is not long before Andrew Garfields character is caught and pushed to extremes in order to rock his faith. He finds his friend father Ferreira who tries to show him that Japan will not accept Christianity. I will not spoil the ending, but you see who comes out on top.

This is a great film although slow at first. Andrew Garfield is brilliant here and looks like he has a great year in film coming up.The cinematography is beautiful and the scenes are wonderful. The suffering seen is not over the top, but it is hard hitting. I am not religious although I have a great deal of respect for religion. I dont understand the importance of spreading the word to the point of death and suffering. You cannot force people to believe in a religion and cannot tell them their belief is wrong. I think religion is personal to you and for you to follow without placing pressure on others.  I imagine many think differently. I love a film that makes you think and this is cetainly a film that does that.

Martin Scorsese has made many great films. This film shows that he is not all about the Gangster genre and can make beautiful films, without extreme violence and a film that makes you question and think. I think nominations if not awards will follow this film over the next few months.


Assassins Creed


I start by telling you that I am not a fan of the video game movie adaptations. I would also like to say that I am a fan of Michael Fassbender and Marione Cotillard. I have never played Assassins Creed and knew very little about the game and it’s storyline.Video games continue to be made into film because there is a wide audience to target and therefore money to be made. The recent figures show that Tombraider has made the most money and currently sits at number one. This is however based on total amount of money grossed, so more recent films have a long time to catch up. Assassins creed has already made it to number 13 based on current sales. Warcraft is the only adaption to make it into the top 200 of all time. Does this really prove anything? not really as quality of film doesn’t always relate to amount of money grossed. Shawshank Redemption is an example of a great film which did poorly at the box office. Suicide Squad which was absolutely slated, but grossed a large amount of money.

The basic storyline is very simple. A boy named Cal sees his father kill his mother. Fast forward 30 years and the boy is now heading towards death via lethal injection as a convicted murderer. He wakes up to find that he isn’t in hell or heaven but a place where he will be taken back many generations to a time when his ancestor was an assassin. He is conected to a machine which allows him to move back in time although his body remains in the present. He is part of a group called Assassins creed. That is my basic understanding of the story before it all gets confusing and boring. You will guess that I am not a fan of this film or it’s genre. I couldn’t quite grasp where all the characters fit in and how they were trying meet their aim of getting rid of violence from the world. It probably didnt help that I drifted off a number of times during the film. 

The films ending opens it up for a sequel, but I think it will be tough attracting the same stars to this film. Maybe this was an introduction allowing for better story lines in another installment? The performances are pretty good and Fassbender does well with the role. He certainly conveys a crazy murderer very well. Gleeson plays his father in later life and does well as a cool and calculated killer. It is not all that it seems as Cals mothers death is not quite as straight forward as it looks.

Im sure there will be many fans, but unfortunately I am not one of them.


A Monsters Call


When I first started this film blog I related the films to real life when and where possible. Many of us go to the cinema as a way of escaping, but we also learn a great deal from film, films make us think and come up with opinion. My aim is to go back to this way of blogging.

This film tells the story of a boy named Connor struggling with the fact that his mother has cancer. Along with this he is bullied at school and his relationship with his dad and Grandma are non existent. He only has the support of his mum, who of course is suffering herself. This is an extremely hard hitting film, not only because it is through a young boys eyes, but because we are all affected by cancer.

I looked at the statistics from The Macmillan charity and it is shocking viewing. The number of people with cancer in the uk in 2015 was 2.5 million. This is an increase of 500,000 over 5 years. More people over 65 are contracting cancer, it is estimated that by 2020 4 million people in the uk will have cancer. There is an increase in those surviving up to 5 years as treatment and research improves. Cancer is now a major part of our lives and it looks like it is here to stay.

The film reveals how cancer affects the person suffering and how it affects the family. It is hard to imagine what it is like for a young boy going through this situation. A young boy who already has problems fitting in. He is helped by a tree monster who comes from his and his mothers favourite tree. He comes at 12:07 which is a significant time in the story. The monster arrives at 12:07 and at first appears quite scary putting fear into the young boy. The tree monster comes to life and tells the boy a story with a stong message at its core. The story’s are animated and come from hundreds of years ago when Knights and Witches roamed the land. The boy is hoping that the monster can cure his mum.

In between meetings with the monster the boy is suffering. He has to cope with physical and mental abuse from bullies at school, try to get on with his frosty Grandmother and cope with the fact that his father is in America and rarely visits. This is a lot for a young boy to take on.

The monster soon becomes less scary and Connor begins to hope that the tree will cure his mum. He gets frustrated that the tree poses more questions and riddles rather than answers and solutions. Despite this he looks to 12:07 as a time to escape. There are eventually answers and the monsters role in helping the boy becomes clear.

This is a brilliant film taking on a very difficult subject. Lewis MacDougall who plays Connor is perfect for the role and performs amazingly well. Felicity Jones plays mum and her change physically is scary as she takes on cancer through many medicines. Sigourney Weaver is grandma and plays her pefectly. She too is suffering as she sees her daughter decline. This is not an easy watch, but the monster helps you see this from a childs view and Liam Neesons soothing voice is wonderful. I recommend you take tissues because you may well up as you watch.


My top 10 of 2016


10. Anthropoid 

I loved the performances in this from all involved, in a film that is particularly hard hitting. The script and the performances  had to be good because those that died deserved a true and accurate portrayal of what they went through. It is not a happy film, but then you cant expect that.


My wife wanted to see this one and I wasn’t so sure  In all fairness I had little knowledge of who Snowden was? or what he did? Joseph Gordon Levit’s performance is very good and this becomes more clear when you hear the real Snowden at the end. I love a story where there is a just cause and a battle between doing right and wrong. 

8. Sully

Tom Hanks has been one of my favourite actors for a long time and my love of his films continues. Sully is another true story and Tom Hanks is brilliant in the role. The real Sully was impressed with the way he was played. The film was the perfect length and you really got caught up in the whole debate of whether Sully did the right thing? it seems crazy that he was even questioned.

7. Spotlight

Another true story! I like my films, the way I  like my books, to be factual in some way. Spotlight has a number of great performances, but Mark Ruffalo really gets the chance to show off his acting skill. The number of priests involved in abuse is absolutely astonishing. The emotion from the victims is really palpable which is testament to their performances.

6. Nocturnal Animals

Amy Adams is one of the best actresses around at the moment and continues to perform well in 2016. Nocturnal Animals really puts you on the edge of your seat, even squirm at some points. The start sets the scene as large naked women dance in front of you and the shocks continue after this . You are thrown in to turmoil as you wonder what you would do in Jake Gyllenhaal’s situation. You may judge him as weak? you may sympathise  with him? You may even find yourself fighting on his behalf. I loved this film so much I bought and read the book. 


Amy Adams shows up once more  and again she is very good. This is not your typical alien invasion film. It is about communication and language not guns and explosions. It is about the present and past and about bringing humans together.

4.Hell or High Water

A modern day western with three massive performances from the main cast. Jeff Bridges is exceptional as he chases down two armed robbers in his slow and methodical way. He is chasing two brothers, one crazy who has no moral fibre and will do whatever it takes, the other is more brain than brawn and is hell bent on supporting his son and making a future for him. This is by far Chris Pines best performances on film.

3.The Revenant

Leonardo Di Caprio rarely puts a foot wrong on screen and should have a cabinet full of Oscars. He whole heartedly deserved this Oscar. It is a great and gutsy film which required learning a different language and eating meat, raw liver, I believe. Di Caprio is very dedicated to his craft. The bear scene really shakes you to the bone. The cinematography is beautiful and the scenes amazing. Tom Hardy is wonderful as always and plays the baddy quite disgustingly.

2.The Big Short

I imagine this wouldnt make many peoples top 10 or even 20, but this is a film I could watch over and over. I love Steve Carrels performance in this. How he wasn’t nominated for an Oscar is beyond me. I am just amazed at how awful the housing market was in the U.S. How did people buy so many houses without being checked? You really feel the conflict in Steve’s chatacter as he realises he is set to gain out of everyone elses misery. Ryan Gosling is hilarious here and Bale is just perfect as he shows very little emotion as he is proved right.

1.Captain Fantastic

I love this film because I have travelled the world and felt great freedom. My wife and I dream of just setting off in a campervan and living freely. This is exactly what Vigo Mortenson and his wife do. They take their family and live out in the wilderness. They teach their children in their tree house and bring them up as extremely intelligent children; but what they have in brains they lack in social skills. They struggle to socialise with the outside world which played out in a very funny scene showing the eldest sons first kiss. We also see the emotions of bereavement when the mother dies. We see anger when the grandfather blames Vigo’s character for his daughters death. We see the realisation that maybe the life that is set up for the children may in theory be healthy, but in reality it lacks human interaction which is paramount in the modern world. This is the best performance from Vigo and the young cast are brilliant. I am counting down the days until this is released on DVD. 


Films seen at the cinema this year.


‚ÄčThe joys of being a Cineworld Member.



The Danish Girl

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


The Revenant


The 33

The Big Short x 2
Zoolander 2


The Finest Hours

Triple 9

Secret In Their Eyes

London Has Fallen

Hail, Caesar!

10 Cloverfield Lane


High Rise
Batman vs Superman

Eye In The Sky


The Jungle Book

Bastille Day


Captain America: Civil War

Miles Ahead

Bad Neighbours 2

A Hologram For The King

The bigger splash

Money Monster

X-Men: Apocalypse

The Nice Guys

Me Before You

Independence Day x 2

The Secret Life Of Pets

Now You See Me 2 x 2

The Legend Of Tarzan
Suicide Squad

Star Trek Beyond


Finding Dory

Cafe Society

Captain Fantastic

Hell Or High Water


The Gift With All The Gifts

Deepwater Horizon
The Infiltrator

The Free State Of Jones

The Girl On The Train


Jack Reacher: Never Look Back

Dr Strange

Arrival x 2

The Light Between Oceans

Nocturnal Animals
American Pastoral

The Accountant

A United Kingdom


Bleed For This

Sully x 2


The Birth Of A Nation

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Then

Collateral Beauty
Trumbo at The Kino

Bone Tomahawk at The Kino

The BFG at The Alhambra

Eight Days A Week at The Kino
Total – 72