Cafe Society


This is a film directed by Woody Allen with a look at Jewish life in the golden age of cinema. It is a simple story of trying to push to be your best in what ever way you can. Jesse Eisenberg plays Bobby a young jewish man who sets off to Hollywood in order to gain fame and fortune. He has connections as his uncle Phil played by Steve Carell is a very powerful man in the film industry. Despite him being family he is hard to get hold of because of his busy schedule. Once contact is made Bobby starts off as his uncles erand boy doing little jobs which is a made up position just to help Bobby out. 

Uncle Phil arranges for a young woman to show him around. Vonnie played by Kristen Stewart has a lot of time on her hands and ends up seeing a lot of Bobby. Bobby soon falls in love, but sadly for him Vonnie is with another man, who turns out to be married. Vonnie is hoping this man will leave his wife, but sadly for her it is clear that this wont happen. Bobby is a shoulder to cry on and they soon become an item.

The glitz of Hollywood soon becomes boring and Bobby wants to return to his family in New York. They are a typical Jewish family and its a very loud place to live. Bobby’s brother is on the wrong side of the law, but makes enough money and gets rid of enough people to become a night club owner. Bobby runs the show and makes the project a success, attracting major stars, nobilty, politicians, business magnates and the filthy rich. Cafe Society is the place to be into the early hours of the morning. 

As soon as the golden age of cinema is mentioned then I am there. I love film from this period and see this time as a time that film was at its best and the stars so much more glamorous. The family scenes are extremely funny and made me laugh out loud at times. A line from Bobby’s mother in relation to his brothers murderous ways and his change to Christianity is very funny. “im not sure whats worse? him being a murderer or a Christian?” this made me laugh out loud.

The performances are very good indeed. I like Jesse Eisenberg in film although he tends to play the part exactly the same in each film he plays. His performance works well in this film. Kristen Stewart is good although she looks a little uncomfortable at times. The supporting cast make this a success and the Jewish family set up brings about the most laughs. Steve Carell is good as uncle Phil as he strugles with an important decision and juggling the busy film industry.

This is an entertaining romp which will make you laugh. The humour is subtle and centred around a Jewish family living in New York. There is love, heartbreak, murder and even a neighbour dispute. You will certainly be entertained.



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