Bad Neighbours 2


I must say that I am not the biggest fan of modern American comedy, however, I enjoyed the first Bad Neighbours film. The second film is pretty much the same but this time we have a group of girls next door.

Mac and Kelly are trying to sell their house as they have a baby on the way. The sale has been reached, but there is a 30 day period where the buyers can pull out. Of course with the house empty next door this should be easy, but unfortunately a sorority move in and plan to party ruining the chances of the sale.

The sorority is made up of girls that just don’t fit in. Apparently sororities are not allowed to party? This group want to change this, but move away from the sleazy frat parties. They want to smoke lots of weed and shake things up. Zach Efron’s character having been made homeless by his friend joins these girls so that he can impart his wisdom and teach them how to stay together. This of course leads to a neighbour battle.


The jokes are pretty stupid stuff and try and offend. I usually hate this type of comedy, but in this film it works. There is a great deal of bad language, toilet humour, sex humour and a young child walking around with a vibrator. This is an easy watch and you don’t have to think too much. The girls are a bit annoying and I found that the message of feminism and strong women didn’t really work with these characters. There were definitely elements to make you cringe.

If you liked the first film then you will definitely like the second. Will there be a third? Possibly? There are so many bad neighbours out there. Seph Rogen and Rose Byrne work really well together as the dysfunctional parents who try to be functional. They have great chemistry! Zach Efron shows his abs a great deal and looks like he enjoys playing the masthead, it’s a pretty fun and easy roll to play. The supporting cast play off the main cast very effectively and enjoy a great share of the jokes.




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