Miles Ahead


I must confess that I knew very little about Miles Davis before I watched this film. I left the cinema knowing he played Jazz, he took lots of drugs, was a womanizer and abused his wife. The film probably depicts the worst parts of his life, which is a shame. It is the late 70’s when Davis is doing very little apart from taking drugs and fighting Columbia over a private session.

Ewan McGregor plays a reporter from Rolling Stones Magazine. In his desperation to get an interview he gets mixed up with Davis’ unconventional lifestyle. We have shootings, theft, drugs, music and lots of smoking. This is a slow burn with a few action pieces and some nice Jazz.

Throughout the film there are flashbacks of his life with Frances Taylor, his former wife. The flashbacks show his controlling and abusive personality with a rare glimpse of the inequality that black people had at the time. They were married for 10 years, but the film concentrates on all the negative elements. In all honesty there is very little light until the end.

Don Cheadle plays Davis and directs the film. From the footage I have seen this is a very good performance. I think fans of Davis will get more out of this film. I just didn’t find this element of his life very interesting really. It was the typical cliche of musician using drugs and sleeping around. I’m sure from what I have read there is more to Davis then that? Maybe fans can educate me?
This is an ok film with good performances. I just didn’t find the film very interesting and surely a film about one of the best Jazz musicians should be?




One thought on “Miles Ahead

  1. It’s definitely uneven, but it’s still kind of fun and interesting all the same. However, I would have much preferred a movie just about Davis and the Rolling Stone journalist, as McGregor and Cheadle played-off of one another quite well. Nice review.

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