Captain America Civil War


I didn’t fall asleep through this film, so it can’t have been that bad? Right? Again I know I’m going to be a minority in my view, but I found this film really boring. I loved the first two although I admit I’m not the biggest Marvel fan. There are just too many heroes out at the moment. Captain America has by far been the best of them with the best storyline, but it failed here for me.

In all honesty despite Captain America being in the title this is more about Civil War and the collection of heroes. We have Captain America, Iron Man, Ant Man, Falcon, Black Widow and even Spider-Man. It’s all a bit too much in one film if you ask me.

The story starts with a disaster caused by the super heroes. This is one of many they have caused in their aim to save the world and governments are questioning the use of super heroes. The UN want to take charge and want to use the gifts of these special people, but in a controlled manner and on their terms. They don’t want these heroes to go off when they like, fighting evil and leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

The civil part is that not all the heroes agree with this action. Tony Stark is head of the For party and Captain America is part of the Against. This leads to some long battles which take up most of the screen time. We also have the tale of the Winter Soldier who is part bad and part good. He is being used as a way to divide the group as well. He is being controlled by a man hell bent on revenge.

The story line for me is really weak and is dragged out over 2 hours and 27 minutes. I don’t mind watching fairly long films, but this really went slow for me. I felt every minute and I struggled beyond an hour really. For Marvel fans this will be a treat and in all honesty most people will like this. I heard a few raving about how much they liked it as they left the cinema. It just wasn’t to my taste.

The performances were good and the choreographed fight scenes were brilliant, full of imagination. This is also a great film for female superheroes as they play a major part in the story line. There are a few good jokes in there too, mainly shared between Iron Man and Ant Man. There will no doubt be a fourth film as Marvel churn out film after film.

I think many will enjoy this film, so don’t let me put you off. It is a blockbuster full of action and if you love action then you’ll love this.




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