The Jungle Book


This is basically the same as the animated version, but with CGI rather than drawings. There is very little deviation from the cartoon Disney. I haven’t read the book by Rudyard Kipling since I was a child and so I can’t remember the whole story, so it’s hard to compare book and gilm. I understand Favreau has tried to incorporate more of Rudyards story as well as a few songs from the cartoon version.

I really enjoyed this , but would I watch it over the cartoon version? Probably not! In saying that, the film really works. The CGI is brilliant and the scenery of India is beautiful. I think this is more for an older child rather than the young, but really this is a film for nearly everyone.

The cast is very strong and works well. We have Sir Ben Kingsley as the wise Baghira, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, Bill Murray as Baloo, Christopher Walken as King Louis and Scarlet Johansen as Car. The voices are perfect for their roles particularly Idris Elba who is terrifying as the dominant tiger Shere Kahn. Scarlet Johansson is very good as Car and it was great to have a female voice as the part. I didn’t even recognise Scarlet Johannson voice, which is testament to how well the part was being played. I did find Neel Sethi a tad annoying and wasn’t quite convinced by his performance. This was the only criticism I can mention.

King Louis is a great character and the creation of the Orangutang is amazing. This huge monster who wants fire swings around the abandoned city with menace. Car is pretty scary as she mesmerises the young boy with her eyes and slithering tongue. The characters are very strong and this makes this a must see of 2016.




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