Eye in the sky


If you could save 80 lives at the risk of killing one, would you do it?

If there was only the possibility of 80 dying, but the certainty of a young innocent child dying, would you do it?

This is the basic premise of this film involving government officials, the army and known terrorists. The targets are well known terrorists who have been sought after for 6 years. They are known extremists who do not care who they hurt. They are all in one building and capture is impossible. The only way to complete the mission is to use an air strike, which puts innocent civilians at risk. As the film continues the terrorist threat increases to a large extent.

Those who are the decision makers pass the responsibility from one to another all scared of making the wrong decision. I really hope this is not the way these things work because there is a distinct lack of conviction and courage. This is an extremely tense and tortuous film and somewhat frustrating. The technology used in tracking the terrorists is pretty impressive! It’s amazing where you can place cameras and how small they can be.

There is only so long that the scenario can be dragged out, which makes for a fairly short film. The performances from Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman are very strong. I’m just not sure how believable the story is? These people are paid to make life changing decisions, but somehow they can’t? There is a distinct lack of doing the right thing and more worry on how it will look? Those carrying out the action do not seem to be particularly well trained or mentally strong enough. It all comes down to the questions I started with, could you do it?




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