Batman vs Superman


Myself and my wife have been excited about this film for some time and we weren’t let down. The film starts with Bruce Wayne as a child and how those events led him to be Batman. Those who have seen Barman begins will have already seen this in greater detail. This part needed to be there, but it needed to be a quick glimpse, which it was. This was done very well and gave those who haven’t seen Batman a brief look and didn’t bore those who have already seen it.

This is a dark film where Bruce Wayne blames superman for the thousands killed by the Cryptonians  that came down to earth to take over. Bruce Wayne lost employees and saw many suffer, which gave him a taste for revenge.

Superman continues to do good work although the trust in him is not as strong as it once was. There are many that dislike him and want him dead. One of those is the psychotic Lex Luther who hatches a plan to destroy superman. Usually the character is very calm and calculated, but here we see the Joker in Lex Luther clothing. He is a real force of energy throughout the film, which is a pleasure to watch. Many have criticised this take on Lex Luther, but I enjoyed the performance.

Obviously this is a story built up to a fight between Batman and Superman. Barman surely doesn’t have a chance as he only has the strength of a mere human. He cannot fly, burn things with his eyes or move at great speed. This should be the quickest knockout in history. Obviously this would make a boring film, so Batman has to work out a way, using the technology at his disposal. There are a few surprises in this fight too.

Lois Lane is the Damsel in distress on more than one occasion. Superman’s love for her leads him to save her when she is in danger without thought of anything else. This is not a particularly strong part for Amy Adams to play and Lois is a real weakness in Superman’s armour.

Alfred is the words of Wisdom for Bruce Wayne and gets used to being ignored on almost every occasion. This is not a major role for Jeremy Irons and he doesn’t really get much opportunity to shine.

Overall this is an enjoyable film. It is almost like Batman has been invited to a Superman film as there are no cast members from the previous Batman films. There are some from the recent Man of Steel including Lois Lane, Perry and of course we have the villain from previous superman Lex Luther. I thought Ben Affleck performed well in a very different type of Batman. He is a man determined for revenge, so you see far fewer cocktail parties and more grit. The technology is similar although far more has been spent on special effects.

This is a straight up action film and very much like the other super hero films. You can’t compare this film to the Christopher Nolan films as they are very different and should be judged in their own right without comparison. I will be watching again and I’m sure the audience will enjoy even if the critics do not.




11 thoughts on “Batman vs Superman

  1. I thought the movie was mediocre. Why, you ask? Because the plot was boring and the movie was semi slow moving & even seemed unorganized in a way. I didn’t enjoy Ben being batman, but I also didn’t hate him being Batman, he did what he could with what he had, maybe it was a bad shooting.. I don’t know. I liked the upgraded car and suit.. it was unique, & of course I enjoyed watching Wonder Woman, she is beautiful! 🙂 & kicked some ass. Superman was a good actor and they should continue to use him ( I am a batman fan); Lex Luther also had a good actor as well. enjoyed his sense of humor. Outside of that, I am a bit distraught at how this movie seemed rushed; and while it probably had something to do with the fact Marvel keeps revealing new movies each week; DC should have taken more time with this movie in my opinion. Overall, out of 10 I gave this movie a 6.

    • Thank you for your interesting comments. I don’t think it compares to the Christian Bale trilogy, but then it’s not meant to. I think this film may have benefited from a few more years as so many will compare the films.

      • No problem! I agree, no comparison and while I do realize it was supposed to be a different story, It stilled didn’t seem to give me the same kind of excitement as the previous batman movies, although Wonder Woman did excite me and Aquaman’s 2 second showing excited me, lol. I am hoping the second one will not disappoint, 🙂 BTw are you a batman or superman fan? haha

      • I loved the 70’s Superman films and I enjoyed the series in the 90’s. I liked Tim Burton’s Batman, but hated the rest. I think the Batman trilogy with Christian Bale were not only great Batman films but also great films in their own right. I wouldn’t put myself on either side. I also loved the 60’s Batman although it was very cheesey “pow”. I.think the problem is that Marvel has saturated the film industry and this leaves a lack of imagination. This us brought on by the pressure to get movies out there.

      • Yes! I am happy someone else took notice of how saturated Marvel is becoming in the film industry. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the movies (other than Spiderman/this movie has gave me a reason to complain.. ) but it gotten to the point where people literally have to go to the movie theater every 2 weeks just to keep up with the marvel movies, lol. They are moving at a very rapid rate which means DC will only want to “catch up” and this means these movies will have a possibility of being rushed..
        Marvel literally has a new movie so often, I am falling behind in catching up, myself. haha

      • You think it needs to slow down, really? See I just had a conversation with a fellow peer who would disagree with our stand on this. Why? because he said “why slow down, when it makes so much money and if they slow down, then people are going to forget the plot, the origin, the previous movie before it.. it has to keep its audience locked in to keep them interested and entertained”.
        What do you think about this?

      • The audience shouldn’t be worried about how money a film makes. The quality of the film is the most important thing. When I say slow down I mean fewer new Marvel films. Try and stick to a couple of super heroes rather than keep bringing new ones out.

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