Bone Tomahawk


I went into this film with high expectations as all reviews were pretty good. I left the cinema feeling disappointed and sick to my stomach due to the gratuitous violence and Gore. This is a mix between a western and a horror. It’s like a strange mix between The hills have eyes and any film of the western genre.

This is a story of murder and kidnapping in the wild wild west. The guilty are not bandits wanting a random, or Indians protecting their land but Neanderthals living way off in the caves. Is this sounding rather ridiculous? If I add that these Neanderthals speak by sounding a horn noise through their throat, does it make it more sane? Or that they are cannibals?

The deputy Sheriff and the wife of a local have been taken while treating a criminal in the cells. The criminal has also been taken, but he is of little concern to anyone. A rescue mission has been set up including the Sheriff, the deputies replacement, the fastest shooter in the west and the kidnapped females husband. The husband has a broken leg and not in the best condition for the 3 day journey, but insists on going.

We see the long western landscape of sand and mountains. This is a hard journey and one they all struggle with. A local Indian man has told them where to go, but is in fear of these creatures, so won’t go himself. For about an hour they are just walking. The relations are not always friendly among the men, but they have a common cause. This is certainly not a journey without major risk.

We soon come across the monsters and this leads to some disgustingly gruesome scenes. I’m ok with gore, but this was too much for me. I think most of the audience were horrified judging by the gasps. This is just a weird mix of genres that doesn’t really work and leads for the most part a very boring film.

I know many will love this film, but I really didn’t see the point of it. The acting was fairly good from all the cast, but it was wasted on the subject. It would be good to see a really good modern day western. Unfortunately this is not it.



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