10 Cloverfield Lane


******spoiler alert********

I haven’t seen Cloverfield, so I went into this blind. From what I have read this is not a sequel.

The film starts off with a car crash involving a car Driven by Michelle. She ends up in a bunker chained to the wall whilst laying on a mattress on the floor. It is not long before we see Harold who rescued her from the crash. He tells a story of the outside world which is in nuclear fall out. There is no going outside because the air is poisonous. Howard has planned this all his life. He was ready when others were not.

There is another trapped in the shelter as well. Emmet knew of Howard’s plan and went there when the explosions occurred. Michelle struggles to believe until she sees the outside world after an escape attempt. The acceptance of the fall out brings some peace and happiness to the shelter. It is clear however that they are not in the company of a sane man. It is clear that Howard is a psycho and sees Michelle as a daughter.

The atmosphere in the shelter is extremely claustrophobic. The tension is palpable as Howard becomes more obsessed and reveals how dangerous he can be. It’s a case of which is more dangerous? Howard or the outside world? Howard’s calculating slow movement and speech makes you feel uncomfortable in your seat.

I think the end could have stopped more suddenly and the aliens are far less interesting than the psycho. I think more could have been left to the imagination.

John Goodman is brilliant as Howard as it creeps the hell out of you. You feel their fear and their danger as they have no where to go. The wrong move or word could cause a lot of pain. This is one of Goodmans best performances. The whole cast does well, but all evolved around the keeper Howard. One of the better films I have seen this year after watching London Has Fallen, Bone Tomahawk and Hail Caesar.



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