London has fallen


This is a pretty ridiculous film and pretty far fetched. I say this feeling rather cautious as before 9/11 people would have said that such a thing happening would be impossible and crazy, but sadly it did happen.

This starts with the death of the English Prime Minister, which means many heads of states travelling to London. Security is supposedly at a high with nothing left unturned. The heads of state attempt to get to st Paul’s cathedral in their different modes of transport. Then all hell breaks loose with police firing at the president and public, paramedics firing rocket launchers and bikers travelling around shooting many down.

The main focus is on the president and his protection. A chase in and around London ensues as all major landmarks topple under fire. Gerrard Butler takes on the enemy almost single handedly armed with his loyalty to the President. London slowly shuts down as the terrorists work their evil plan. There is very little in the way of intelligence in this film. It’s just a shoot fest with a few explosions along the way.

I didn’t rate the the first film Olympus Has Fallen. However this film makes the first episode look like an Oscar worthy piece of film making.



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