Tom Hardy


I wrote last about Alec Guiness being the man of many faces and characters. I now bring you a man who also has great skill in taking on many different parts and particularly voices.

I have seen Tom Hardy in a quite a few films over the last few years. Most of the characters he plays are completely different. He can play the action hero like in Inception and Mad Max, The villain like in Batman, The Revenant and legend. He has used his English accent, a Welsh accent, American accent. Russian accent and more. You can’t categorise him for certain roles as he can perform well in so many.


I loved the Batman trilogy and part of the enjoyment of Batman is seeing the great villains he is up against. The size Tom Hardy grew too is truly terrifying. He is unrecognisable with the mask and shaved head. The voice is so chilling and unique. This was an enemy with brains and brawn. Tom was a great choice for the role.

One of my favourite roles is rather mundane. The film Locke a film of a car journey. It is made by a man who has to see a lady at the hospital who is giving birth to his baby. He is married, however, and has to break the news to his wife. On top of that his actions are about to lose him his job. During the drive he instructs his foreman on how to pull off the biggest concrete drop in Europe. You see this man’s turmoil as he tries to put things right. Tom Hardy is the only character seen and he is able to hold the viewers attention the whole time. This all done with a Welsh accent.


In the recent film legend he is able to play two parts one of Reggie Kray and the other his twin brother Ronnie. I think this could have been seen as a gimmick, but it really works as he plays the two very different brothers. This is done with a strong East London accent.


He has played a Russian in the story of a Russian war hero who works his way up through the Stalin regime. He soon falls from grace and then back up. This is a great story and is strengthened by another great performance.


An iconic character such as Mad Max is a tough role to play. Mel Gibson is Mad Max, but the new version is absolutely stunning. You forget that Mel Gibson isn’t in it and although this isn’t a scene stealer from Mr Hardy it is still a very good performance. This is such a spectacular film in terms of imagination and cinematography that most stars would be second best.


We now have another brilliant performance in The Revenant. He again plays a villain this time with a southern American accent. This is a stunning film and Tom’s character is disgustingly horrid. You really start to hate him by the end of the film. This is in great contrast to the spectacular and beautiful scenery. Tom adored by many women is truly ugly in this film.


Tom has come a long way since inception where he played a role amongst a group set against amazing special effects. Tom is now a star and can hold the screen on his very own.


I think we are watching a very special talent on our screens at the moment.

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10 thoughts on “Tom Hardy

  1. I am a HUGE BATMAN FAN! like favorite superhero, loved the trilogy & i am unsure as to what to think of this new one with superman coming out.. I have my doubts because I am not a huge ben Afleck fan myself, but we shall see.

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