About Time


About Time

This is one of my favourite films from the last few years!

The main character can travel back in time, but only to points of his own life. This is hereditary as his father could do the same.

Where would I go?

I would definitely go back to see my Dad and work tirelessly to get him to change his ways.

I would go back to playing cricket with him as a little boy.

I’d love to go back and eat his scrumptious stew and mash.

I would go back and see my Grandad and walk hand in hand with him from school.

I would go back to a time where we laughed until we had tears in our eyes.

Would I go back to the day of the crash and avoid that car? I probably wouldn’t. I think some things are just meant to be.

I think the biggest advantage would be to see those that are no longer here. I am not one to look back, I generally look forward to what’s next.

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6 thoughts on “About Time

  1. Lee, This is so lovely on so many levels. The love of your father shines through, having read your other work about him…the innocence of this piece speaks volumes. I was still emotional after I posted about my own son today and read posts about others’ losses. Wow!

  2. Love this. Also, I never watch movies, partly because my attention span is lacking, I can hardly follow the simplest of storylines and I ask too many questions. But your writings make me want to watch more movies!

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