The Revenant


This is a beautiful film full of heart and determination. Leonardo is brilliant as Glass a man determined to gain revenge. To play this part he had to learn two native American languages and eat bison liver, which is pretty tough for a vegetarian.

The film is set in native America where an American troop are hunting to sell pelts and make ends meat. They are a cut throat band of men who have been savaged by their journey in the harsh weather conditions and the threat of attack from the natives. One man  Fitzgerald in particular played by Tom Hardy has no morals and isn’t scared to twist the knife if you get in between him and his money.

This group are led by captain Andrew Henry played by Domnhall Gleeson. He is a gentlemen and a fair man who won’t tolerate bad behaviour from his men and is willing to fight for and protect those beneath him. Domnhall seems to be a workaholic and in every other film at the moment. It’s just as well he is such a good actor and this is another fine performance.

The troop are forced to leave their catch as they are attacked by the natives with many being killed. Glass had a native wife and had a son by her which is a bone of contention. He is however a super tracker and relied on for his skills out in this wilderness.

He is out hunting and is brutally attacked by a bear. This scene made me wince as the bear tossed this man around like a rag doll. He is left with life threatening injuries, but clings onto life for the sake of his son. The problem is that his injuries slow the troop down which is a big problem in harsh conditions and the threat of attack. It is decided that he will be left behind with a few men who will bury him when the inevitable comes. Unfortunately one of the men is Fitzgerald who isn’t so Keen on Mr Glass and his son. He loses no time in killing Glasses young boy and leaving Glass there to die. Unfortunately for Fitzgerald, Glass has determination and an appetite for revenge. Although in poor health he soon starts to get stronger and gets some help along the way.

You see this man grit his teeth, take on the harsh freezing weather, Fight for food, protect the weak  and plot his revenge. This is a man who has nothing to lose and has died once and will again if means that Fitzgerald feels the pain he deserves.

The scenery is stunning! Some of the images caught on the camera are the reason I love film. The world in its natural state is beautiful and this film captures its beauty in elegant style. You see the peace of a wild bird sitting on the branch in contrast to this ragged, gritty,Wild man. The film is worth watching for the scenery alone. You see a majestic herd of Buffalo roaming through the snow. A wild bear full of power and the natural state of water flowing through the snow.

The performances from all the cast  are brilliant. DiCaprio is a cert for the Oscar and Tom Hardy should run Sly close, but just miss out. It is a great skill to keep an audience glued to you when there is so little dialogue and DiCaprio does it with ease. A must see film!



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15 thoughts on “The Revenant

  1. Impressive review. I can’t wait to see this film. Even though I’m far from a Leonardo fan he still happens to be in one of my all time favorite films Gangs of New York. Any film with a revenge theme I tend to gravitate to. Tom Hardy is also a favorite actor of mine since watching Bronson. Have you seen Creed? Is Stallone deserving or is it a throw the guy a bone thing? I know he can act. He was brilliant in Cop Land but does he deserve a nomination for this movie? I really think Idris Elba should’ve been nominate for Beasts of No Nation. It really was a heartbreaking film. Sorry if I write too much I have not found anyone else to discuss movies with. lol

    • Gangs of New York is a great film. I haven’t seen Creed, but I have heard that Sly us deserving of an Oscar. I love Rocky too particularly the first one. I haven’t seen Beast of no nation. I think the Oscars will have real shake up next year after all the controversy.

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