Star Wars The Force Awakens



I’m not sure how popular this review will be? I waited a while to see episode 7 as I wanted to avoid the crowds. I was very excited about going as I had heard from so many others about how good this new film was. I think everyone agreed that the previous three films were a disappointment. This was gutting as the story of Darth Vader should have been immense.

The new film feels like a remake to me with very slightly different characters. I love the way this film has kept in touch with the original star wars in the way it has been filmed. The characters are really creative and it feels like this film left off from return of the Jedi. For me it is just too similar to A New Hope which makes it a bit unnecessary. Was there a need to make this film?

The similarities: 1) We see a new droid being tasked with passing a message onto the resistance. The message is the map of where Luke Skywalker has disappeared to. Not unlike the message to Obi Wan Kenobi


2) Luke went into exile after a pupil of his turned to the dark side. Obi Wan disappears after the clone wars I believe and his pupil was Anakin Skywalker.

3)This pupil named Ren, who shields his face with a mask has been taken by lord snook to overthrow and destroy the last Jedi and the resistance. Darth Vader who was once Anakin wears a mask and was taken by the dark side to destroy the resistance. We have Snoke instead of the emperor.

4) We encounter a young girl called Rey who is great at flying who was abandoned on the planet Jakoo. Jakoo is not unlike Tatooine where Luke Skywalker grew up. She is waiting for her parents to come and find her. She gets hooked up with the message carrying droid. Not unlike the young Luke Skywalker who met up with Obi Wan and watched the message on R2D2.


5)The young girl gets hooked up with Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon. This leads her to the resistance.

6) She has the force and is very powerful not unlike Luke and she also doesn’t know she has this power.

7) The dark side has another Death Star, but it’s much bigger and uses the son and destroys planets. It is fully operational!

8) The new type Death Star is destroyed in a very similar way.

9) There is a battle between Ren and Rey. We had to have a light sabre duel.

10) we have Maz who is not unlike Yoda although she isn’t a Jedi.

The difference is we see a stormtrooper who goes against the force and flees. It’s good to see more characterisation from the stormtroopers. He is a big part of the film as he escapes with a resistance pilot. We see him go from a scared little child to a brave hero as he tries to protect Rey.

We see a bit more emotion from Ren than we saw from Darth Vader. There is a lot of anger in this character and we often see him destroy things around him with his new style light sabre. There is a lot more depth to his character and a lot more frailty. This makes him a very interesting character.

It’s great to see the old characters return although looking a bit OAP. There is a quite a concentration around Leia and Solo and their relationship. This relationship makes up a large part of how the force awakens. They look very comfortable coming back to the parts that made them famous.



The landscapes for all the planets are absolutely breath taking. I would love to see many of these places. The end scenery is particularly spectacular.

Overall this is an enjoyable film made very much in the style of the originals. The story is a bit old and I would rather see A New Hope again. I just hope the films don’t get made so many times
that we lose sight of the original story or that the same story goes on and on. I hope the next film brings some surprises.


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10 thoughts on “Star Wars The Force Awakens

  1. I agree with most of the points you make, but Obi Wan was also OAP, to use your term, and so was Yoda (was he 800 years old by the time Luke met him in Dagobah?).
    I’m most interested to find out about Rey – whose child is she, Luke’s?, and about Kylo Ren – nee Ben Solo. Why did he turn to the dark side? Why was Han away from Leia so long?
    I too really enjoyed seeing a storm trooper as an individual, and hear/see some of his back story. There were to be 9 films in all, so we’ve 2 more to go to complete the saga/

  2. I just saw the film also, and you’re right–there are so many echoes of the original Star Wars.

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since I hated the prequels, but I hope they can keep up the quality.

    And it’s cool that they’re training a girl. So many of us who grew up on the originals were always wondering why no one trained Princess Leia: she has the force, she resists torture, and she gave up a comfy princess life to join the resistance, so what was the problem? 🙂

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