The Danish Girl


This is a very thought provoking film and very beautiful in the way that is filmed. The sets, the costume and the ladies and gentlemen at that time make this a great period drama.

This is not an uplifting film in the sense that it is often very sad. It is however a positive story of a woman who battled who she was at a time when there was nothing known about transgender issues. The support she got from her former wife is astounding and heartbreaking. If you want to see true love then this is the story for you.

This is the  story of a man who believes that he is a woman trapped inside a man’s body. He marries and falls in love with a fellow artist. She is struggling to sell her work until she gets her husband to dress as woman and pose for her. She teaches him how to walk, talk, gesture like a woman not knowing that underneath that male exterior a woman exists. Her name is Lilli.

The story shows lillis battle with who she is. How she comes to terms with this when everyone else thinks she is insane. She has support from her former wife, although she has to cope with the slow loss of her husband. She soon realises that few doctors can help and Lilli has to be Lilli because that is who she is.

Eddie Redmayne is great as Lilli and shows how she struggles with who she is? You really see the distress and anguish on her face. You feel the confusion and the longing to be what his wife needs and wants. I don’t think there is an Oscar win, but this is another great performance.


Alicia Vikander for me is the best part of the film. Seeing her move from this fun charade of her husband dressing up to the realisation that it is not a performance, is heart breaking. We see her grieve for the man who disappears before her. We see her guilt as she thinks that she created Lilli, When in reality she was always there. The pain at trying to keep the relationship together when Lilli is pulling further away and yet still being there to support. There is definitely a chance of an Oscar here.

I think we could have seen more of Lilli’s past in order to create a better story. This would have created more depth to the character and her struggles. This is a tough subject and could have been more gritty and far less like a romantic period drama. The upper class English accents add to this when we know this is Danish story. The Danish girl is very British although clearly set in Denmark.

I enjoyed this film although I do not think that it has broken any barriers or pushed any lines or opened up on transgender. This is a beautiful film and well set up and well acted. I would have liked to have known those involved far better. This is a glimpse into Lilli’s world.



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