This is probably the weirdest film I have seen. It made no sense to me at all, so much so I had to google the film to see if there were any explanations. I am slightly the wiser, but to put the theories into practice I would have to watch the film again. This is something I do not want to do! The slow start to the film meant I couldn’t concentrate fully, which meant I may have missed clues to what was going on.

The basic premise to the film is that a lecturer on totalitarian society finds out that he has a double. It’s almost like a sinister Prince and the Pauper type tale. The double is a third rate film actor with a pregnant wife. They look and sound exactly the same and even have the same scar. This rules out an unknown twin so this has to be some kind of clone?

Adam the lecturer is intrigued and tries to find out more. He calls his double trying work out who this guy is. They are opposites in personality. The lecturer is against totalitarian rule and has at least some morals although he is no saint. His double Anthony does what he wants when he wants. He cheats on his wife, likes speed and does something with other peoples keys ( you don’t get to see what). His wife seems very vacant but learns of this double and its almost like she prefers Adam. Adam has a girlfriend. But you don’t really learn too much about her. Anthony is a film star and Adam doesn’t watch films. Adam is led to Anthony’s film by a colleague, which is another clue.

The clue to this film is to remember totalitarian as you watch it. Who or what is involved is given to you in small clues, which still does not prepare you for the shocking ending sequence, which leaves you completely bewildered.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor and in this he is back to his creepy self again. There isn’t a lot of character to either guy and you never really get to know or understand them, which again leaves many questions without answers. It maybe easier to understand this film if you have read the book. One of the big film posters gives you a clue too. You will have to watch this film twice if you can bring yourself to do so.



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2 thoughts on “Enemy

  1. Nice write-up. This is, indeed, a nonsensical movie, but the book, in my opinion, although follows the movie, is completely different in the end. The ending of this movie is outrageously lazy and unimaginative. The worst I have ever seen, it’s not thought-provoking, just silly.

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