Liebster Award


Liebster Award

I was nominated by Thank you so much for the nomination!


11 Facts about Myself
1. I travelled Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia and South America.
2. I am happily married to my perfect partner.
3. I dream of travelling with my wife in a VW Campervan.
4. I was involved in a major car crash in 2014 which has left Me with a permanently damaged knee.
5. I am the proud owner of two beautiful bunnies called Pip and Scout.
6. Charles Dickens is my favourite author and The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist is my favourite book.
7. I love film and Its a Wonderful life is my favourite film.
8. I have supported MUFC for 23 years.
9. I met, got engaged to and married my wife in the small town of Rye East Sussex. England.
10. I have taken part in a re-enactnent of a ski lift disaster filmed for the National Geographic.
11. I love music and I am a fan of The Beatles, Thin Lizzy, REM, The Prodigy, SOAD and many more.

Don’t forget to let me know when you’re done answering your questions! I’d love to see your answers!


Here are the Rules:

Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award!
Answer the 11 questions that the blog gives you.Give 11 random facts about yourself.Nominate 5-11 blogs that you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.Let the bloggers know you nominated them.Give them 11 questions to answer!

Blogs I nominated:
My answers:

1.What’s the point? To make a difference to the lives of others in a positive way.
2.Where do you find happiness? In helping others and away from the stresses of life somewhere naturally beautiful.
3.Where do you find inspiration? From my own thoughts and questions.
4.If you’re lost, how do you try and find yourself? I set myself goals and targets.

5.Do you live with regrets? Never! I never look back and only forward. Why worry about things that you cannot do anything about.

6.How?How do you cope with sadness? I don’t really I just let time help me. I wouldn’t be human if I wasn’t sad at times.
7.If money was no object, what would you do with your life? I would buy a VW Campervan and travel. I would like to set up a sustainable program for third world villages and improve their lives. I would also like to set up programs for those that suffer with addiction.

8.What must you experience before your time is up? Seeing life like others do by travelling, emerging myself in other cultures and experiencing as much as i can.

9.What are you going to accomplish today? Exercise to help aid my recovery after my third knee op.
10.Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met? My wife.

11.Why?What was your latest great idea? I have no idea?

Questions for you
1. What morals do you stand by?
2. What/ who is most important to you?
3. What is wrong with this world?
4. Who do you look up to?
5. If you had a time machine where would you go?
6. What part of your body are you pleased with?
7. Which actor/actress do you like most?
8. When were you last wrong?
9.why did you follow my blog?
10. Where would you live in this world other than the country you live now and why?
11. What makes you feel free?

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This is the original Rocky filmed back in 1949 and in black and white. This is one of my favourite films and I treated myself to it last night after work.

The story follows two brothers heading off on their travels to the promise of a share in a restaurant. Unfortunately when they get there they realise they have been conned and end up being paid dishwashers. They are hard up and take whatever money they can get. Midge Kelly played by Kirk Douglas is used to fighting to get where he wants and he gets the chance to become a. Boxer and grabs it with both fists.

You see him train in an elegant sequence although most of his wins come down to raw ambition and spirit. You see him take on a number fighters as he wills his way to the top. Unfortunately money and success doesn’t make you a better person and boxing was a pretty dirty sport back then. A chance comes to throw a fight, But he just can’t do it. Midge wants the belt and doesn’t care if he puts his life, in danger to get it.

There are a few women by his side but only one he wants, but can’t have. They complicate matters for him and that’s no good. His brother who has always been with him gets left by the wayside as success looms. I can imagine that this character is very much like the true man having been so driven to success having felt the deep punishment of poverty.

The fight scenes scenes are short, raw and ragged. This is real fighting, but this is the story of the man behind the gloves. The end scene is dramatic and I won’t spoil it for you.

I have been a fan of Kirk Douglas since I was a little boy. It’s amazing that he is still around and one of the few golden era actors left. He certainly had passion and motivation which made him a little unpopular in Hollywood and even he admitted to that. You learn a lot however by the age of 99 and he has mellowed somewhat. To bring yourself from his background up to the top sometimes means you have to be singleminded and cut throat.

This is a great film and won an Oscar for cinematography. I think this was down to the fight scenes. Which st
ill stand up today.



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The Revenant


This is a beautiful film full of heart and determination. Leonardo is brilliant as Glass a man determined to gain revenge. To play this part he had to learn two native American languages and eat bison liver, which is pretty tough for a vegetarian.

The film is set in native America where an American troop are hunting to sell pelts and make ends meat. They are a cut throat band of men who have been savaged by their journey in the harsh weather conditions and the threat of attack from the natives. One man  Fitzgerald in particular played by Tom Hardy has no morals and isn’t scared to twist the knife if you get in between him and his money.

This group are led by captain Andrew Henry played by Domnhall Gleeson. He is a gentlemen and a fair man who won’t tolerate bad behaviour from his men and is willing to fight for and protect those beneath him. Domnhall seems to be a workaholic and in every other film at the moment. It’s just as well he is such a good actor and this is another fine performance.

The troop are forced to leave their catch as they are attacked by the natives with many being killed. Glass had a native wife and had a son by her which is a bone of contention. He is however a super tracker and relied on for his skills out in this wilderness.

He is out hunting and is brutally attacked by a bear. This scene made me wince as the bear tossed this man around like a rag doll. He is left with life threatening injuries, but clings onto life for the sake of his son. The problem is that his injuries slow the troop down which is a big problem in harsh conditions and the threat of attack. It is decided that he will be left behind with a few men who will bury him when the inevitable comes. Unfortunately one of the men is Fitzgerald who isn’t so Keen on Mr Glass and his son. He loses no time in killing Glasses young boy and leaving Glass there to die. Unfortunately for Fitzgerald, Glass has determination and an appetite for revenge. Although in poor health he soon starts to get stronger and gets some help along the way.

You see this man grit his teeth, take on the harsh freezing weather, Fight for food, protect the weak  and plot his revenge. This is a man who has nothing to lose and has died once and will again if means that Fitzgerald feels the pain he deserves.

The scenery is stunning! Some of the images caught on the camera are the reason I love film. The world in its natural state is beautiful and this film captures its beauty in elegant style. You see the peace of a wild bird sitting on the branch in contrast to this ragged, gritty,Wild man. The film is worth watching for the scenery alone. You see a majestic herd of Buffalo roaming through the snow. A wild bear full of power and the natural state of water flowing through the snow.

The performances from all the cast  are brilliant. DiCaprio is a cert for the Oscar and Tom Hardy should run Sly close, but just miss out. It is a great skill to keep an audience glued to you when there is so little dialogue and DiCaprio does it with ease. A must see film!



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Star Wars The Force Awakens



I’m not sure how popular this review will be? I waited a while to see episode 7 as I wanted to avoid the crowds. I was very excited about going as I had heard from so many others about how good this new film was. I think everyone agreed that the previous three films were a disappointment. This was gutting as the story of Darth Vader should have been immense.

The new film feels like a remake to me with very slightly different characters. I love the way this film has kept in touch with the original star wars in the way it has been filmed. The characters are really creative and it feels like this film left off from return of the Jedi. For me it is just too similar to A New Hope which makes it a bit unnecessary. Was there a need to make this film?

The similarities: 1) We see a new droid being tasked with passing a message onto the resistance. The message is the map of where Luke Skywalker has disappeared to. Not unlike the message to Obi Wan Kenobi


2) Luke went into exile after a pupil of his turned to the dark side. Obi Wan disappears after the clone wars I believe and his pupil was Anakin Skywalker.

3)This pupil named Ren, who shields his face with a mask has been taken by lord snook to overthrow and destroy the last Jedi and the resistance. Darth Vader who was once Anakin wears a mask and was taken by the dark side to destroy the resistance. We have Snoke instead of the emperor.

4) We encounter a young girl called Rey who is great at flying who was abandoned on the planet Jakoo. Jakoo is not unlike Tatooine where Luke Skywalker grew up. She is waiting for her parents to come and find her. She gets hooked up with the message carrying droid. Not unlike the young Luke Skywalker who met up with Obi Wan and watched the message on R2D2.


5)The young girl gets hooked up with Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon. This leads her to the resistance.

6) She has the force and is very powerful not unlike Luke and she also doesn’t know she has this power.

7) The dark side has another Death Star, but it’s much bigger and uses the son and destroys planets. It is fully operational!

8) The new type Death Star is destroyed in a very similar way.

9) There is a battle between Ren and Rey. We had to have a light sabre duel.

10) we have Maz who is not unlike Yoda although she isn’t a Jedi.

The difference is we see a stormtrooper who goes against the force and flees. It’s good to see more characterisation from the stormtroopers. He is a big part of the film as he escapes with a resistance pilot. We see him go from a scared little child to a brave hero as he tries to protect Rey.

We see a bit more emotion from Ren than we saw from Darth Vader. There is a lot of anger in this character and we often see him destroy things around him with his new style light sabre. There is a lot more depth to his character and a lot more frailty. This makes him a very interesting character.

It’s great to see the old characters return although looking a bit OAP. There is a quite a concentration around Leia and Solo and their relationship. This relationship makes up a large part of how the force awakens. They look very comfortable coming back to the parts that made them famous.



The landscapes for all the planets are absolutely breath taking. I would love to see many of these places. The end scenery is particularly spectacular.

Overall this is an enjoyable film made very much in the style of the originals. The story is a bit old and I would rather see A New Hope again. I just hope the films don’t get made so many times
that we lose sight of the original story or that the same story goes on and on. I hope the next film brings some surprises.


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Room is a film from the perspective of a 5 year old boy. This boy has never seen what lies behind the four walls of the room he lives in. He can see some of the sky through the sky light, but that is it. He has never seen the grass, trees, animals, cars and has only seen two other humans, his mum and her captor Nick. The only way he can see the outside world is through the TV set, but he is told that this isn’t real. The outside world is space and he and his mum scream loud each day in order to catch the Aliens attention.

They have washing facilities, a toilet, food, cooking equipment and a bed. All their supplies come from Nick in the evening when he comes in to share the bed with the boys mother. He doesn’t stay, he gets what he wants and leaves. He is the boys father but has no contact with him. The two of them spend day after day there watching Tv, making up games and creating egg snakes. This has been the case for 5 years for the boy and 7 years for his mum.

Most of the film is taken up by the boy and his mum. We generally only see Nick through the slats of the wardrobe. Everything is seen through the boys eyes. Brie Larson plays the mother and does a great job showing the pain of knowing there is an outside world, being fiercely protective of her son and looking like a woman who has suffered more than her fair share. She has Been nominated for an Oscar for the role, however I think there have been better performances this year. Jacob Tremblay plays the boy and he steals the show in my opinion. It was a great idea by the author to write from the child’s point of view. It is a tough part, but one Jacob really does well with. You see his streets, his confusion, his anger and his fear. Him and Brie have a great chemistry and you really believe that they are in this horrible situation and this gives them this amazing connection.

This is a must see film and completely original. Are the mother and son better off in this room? What will happen if they escape? How would they cope after all these years? Will the author ever write from the mother’s point of view?



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The Danish Girl


This is a very thought provoking film and very beautiful in the way that is filmed. The sets, the costume and the ladies and gentlemen at that time make this a great period drama.

This is not an uplifting film in the sense that it is often very sad. It is however a positive story of a woman who battled who she was at a time when there was nothing known about transgender issues. The support she got from her former wife is astounding and heartbreaking. If you want to see true love then this is the story for you.

This is the  story of a man who believes that he is a woman trapped inside a man’s body. He marries and falls in love with a fellow artist. She is struggling to sell her work until she gets her husband to dress as woman and pose for her. She teaches him how to walk, talk, gesture like a woman not knowing that underneath that male exterior a woman exists. Her name is Lilli.

The story shows lillis battle with who she is. How she comes to terms with this when everyone else thinks she is insane. She has support from her former wife, although she has to cope with the slow loss of her husband. She soon realises that few doctors can help and Lilli has to be Lilli because that is who she is.

Eddie Redmayne is great as Lilli and shows how she struggles with who she is? You really see the distress and anguish on her face. You feel the confusion and the longing to be what his wife needs and wants. I don’t think there is an Oscar win, but this is another great performance.


Alicia Vikander for me is the best part of the film. Seeing her move from this fun charade of her husband dressing up to the realisation that it is not a performance, is heart breaking. We see her grieve for the man who disappears before her. We see her guilt as she thinks that she created Lilli, When in reality she was always there. The pain at trying to keep the relationship together when Lilli is pulling further away and yet still being there to support. There is definitely a chance of an Oscar here.

I think we could have seen more of Lilli’s past in order to create a better story. This would have created more depth to the character and her struggles. This is a tough subject and could have been more gritty and far less like a romantic period drama. The upper class English accents add to this when we know this is Danish story. The Danish girl is very British although clearly set in Denmark.

I enjoyed this film although I do not think that it has broken any barriers or pushed any lines or opened up on transgender. This is a beautiful film and well set up and well acted. I would have liked to have known those involved far better. This is a glimpse into Lilli’s world.



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Sadly missed


I have been watching a great deal of films over the last few weeks while Amy recovers. We have watched a number of Robin Williams film, who we both admire.  I have got through the box set Mork and Mindy in that time. Robin Williams is one of my favourite actors, one because he had a lot of talent for acting and comedy and two because no matter how old you are there will be a film of his you can watch. I was first introduced to him quite young watching ‘re runs of Mork and Mindy on channel 4. I used to laugh out loud at this crazy alien from out of space. The director did a great job letting Williams run free with the character and basically performing stand up. He was the perfect creation for a kid as he was pretty much a kid himself.

From here I watched films like Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji, Hook, Toys and Aladdin which were pretty much kids films. They were fun and let your imagination run free. Neverland is definitely a magical place for kids and reading the book made the story that more magical. Williams always looked like he was having fun. I think he chose these films because he had a love of children. Even in interviews you felt he was someone you could talk to as a child.

I still enjoyed his more dramatic roles in my childhood, films like Awakening, Dead Poet Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting because they were great performances. Good Morning Vietnam was full of energy and you could see the comedy, where as Awakenings was lower key although very passionate as was Good Will Hunting. I don’t think Williams was scared to try something new, One hour Photo being an example. He looked particularly creepy and sounded likewise. I felt this was an underrated performance from him. I have not seen insomnia. But I believe this was another creepy role.

Robin Williams lived to perform and when it became apparent that he could no longer do this he said “that’ s enough” As sad as it was that he died I think it would have been sadder for him to have got to the point where he couldn’t do what he wanted.


Another actor who left this world too soon was John Candy. He was a big guy who had a big heart on and off screen. He also had a sadness about him mainly due to his weight. He is another actor who made me laugh as a kid. I was only 12 when he died so I only have childhood memories. In Uncle Buck he was an uncle you’d love to have. He was fun, silly and although he had flaws his heart was in the right place. The interrogation scene is particularly funny and I imagine the kids loved him on that film.

Trains, planes and automobiles I think was his best performance. Him and Martin made a great pairing as two opposites rubbing each other up the wrong way. The scene where Candys character pours out his heart about liking who he was, was particularly powerful and showed that Candy could be a serious actor.

Small parts in Splash and home alone showed him again as a big lovable guy with a big heart. Again there were flaws, but hasn’t everybody got those? The same can be said for his character in Cool Runnings when he played the out of shape Olympics champione shamed because he cheated.

Candy seem to love the company of others. Story’s of having Dinner after midnight because everyone was enjoying themselves so much. He was clearly a laid back guy. Another story on the set of Trains where he came onto set with lots of gym equipment and never used it. This was his biggest problem, his weight! He hated being over weight and hated the names he was called and the fact that people would concentrate on how big he was rather than what a great person and actor he was.


He obviously struggled with his weight and this caused him great sadness. He was always at risk due to his father dying young. We have to celebrate what he achieved rather than what could have been. I love his films and the characters he played. Williams too suffered through addiction, but fortunately he cane through it, but he lived to perform and when that was at risk it was time to go.

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