The good dinosaur


Today was a rare occasion where I went to the cinema and watched a Disney film. I am very old fashioned in my Disney Viewing. I love the classics like Snow White, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast etc.. although my wife loves the new Disney and Pixar films, so I have seen quite a few now.

The Good Dinosaur is a story of a journey involving a Brontosaurus and a young boy at a time when humans had not quite evolved yet. The dinosaur has a lot to prove being the runt of the family and learns a great deal from the orphan boy, particularly on being brave.

They come across 3 friendly T-Rex ranchers who help them find their way home. They also come across some Nasty and scary Pterodactyl  who use the frequent storms to get a bite to eat. There are also some Nasty creatures who love to rustle the buffalo herd. I have no idea what they are? Anyone who can enlighten me, please do. There is also a Triceratop that has let his fears get the better of him and needs many companions to protect him.

This is an adventure full of action, sadness, tears, laughter and bravery. There is a message of family and belonging and how we should all face our fears. The good dinosaur certainly faces his fears and becomes brave.

It is an enjoyable tale, but it is similar to The Land Before Time and doesn’t quite match up. The characters are fun, but there isn’t enough to occupy you for 1 hour 40 mins. I can see why this is a PG as some of the dinosaurs are quite scary. I am still not sold on modern Disney.



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