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Some Theory


Motor Neuron disease has had a big impact on my family particularly my Grandmother, Aunt and my cousins, sadly because my uncle died due to the disease. I’m not going to go into that because it’s not for me tell, but it did give me an understanding of the disease first hand and it makes the story of Stephen Hawking that more miraculous to me. I’m not sure of the scientific facts behind his continued existence under the disease, but someone stated that they thought it was because he has great reason to live and his power is in the mind not the body, but then he wasn’t given much chance to test that theory because he was able bodied for such a relatively short period. That being said, I think there must be many that have a mind that they could continue to exercise and yet they still die. I can’t speak about how a person feels with the disease because I do not know? But it’s an interesting theory.

Stephen Hawking is lauded as a genius of science who changed the way many people think about the world we live in. I have to take peoples word on that because with my feeble mind I have no idea of how all those symbols explain time and everything around us. I have no idea what it all means? It’s fortunate that you do not have to, to watch this film. In fact you do not need to know much about Stephen Hawking at all to enjoy this film because it is more about his and his family’s, struggles with the disease, particularly his wife.

The film starts out at Oxford where we see a young Stephen, who lives a chaotic life and is the archetypal eccentric genius. He is not particularly hardworking and leaves everything to the last minute, but then he has no need to rush because he deciphers things so quickly. He meets and falls for Jane and before he really gains notice he is diagnosed with Motor neuron disease, giving him only a few years to live. He shuts Jane out not wanting to be a burden on her and hoping to set her free. She is a fighter and wants to fight the disease with him of course not really knowing what lies ahead and that the battle will be a long and painful one. They marry and Stephen defies doctors and continues to live on and work on his theory and then of course work on disproving his theory. We see how Jane takes on everything and struggles to cope, where as Stephen despite the illness lives quite a care free life playing with the children and working on his theory. Jane takes on everything, looking after the house, the children and Stephen. She does this because she loves him deeply. She soon has to deal with his fame and the adoration he receives while she is stuck at home. She is no dunce herself of course and is very intelligent, but it is hard for her to continue her education.

She soon develops feelings for a man that works with the family and helps look after Stephen and an arrangement is made. A new carer is brought in and Stephen too develops feelings leading to the breakup of the marriage. This being said the film does seem to make Jane out to be the bad guy. This seems unfair as it would be hard for anyone to cope with a life like this. She doesn’t walk away and continues to stand by Stephen, but he moves on. I think this caused a great deal of problems for them up until recently.

The performances from both Eddie Reymayne and Felicity Jones are brilliant and really make this a brilliant film although I believe it is not wholly accurate. For Eddie to take on the role was very brave and to take on the disease was also quite courageous. It must have been extremely uncomfortable and very hard to show the emotions when you can barely move. I think he is a sure bet for the Oscars and rightly so. He makes a good film and a good script into an amazing triumph. Felicity is brilliant as Jane, even applauded by the lady herself who couldn’t believe that it wasn’t herself on screen. That has to be better than any award Felicity may or may not receive. I thoroughly enjoyed the film having not read the book it’s based on. I think there have been a number of criticisms of how accurate the film is, but I can’t judge the film on this. I think the performances are better than the film itself, but still this is a must see.

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