Paddington Bear


When I told my Dad that I was travelling the world and one of the stops on my journey was Peru he immediately said Paddington from “Darkest Peru”. He didn’t mention Machu Pichu, The Nasca lines, the canyon, the jungle or the Incas. My Dad was a well read man, so of course he knew all about the amazing history of Peru and wondered at the beautiful landscape, but Paddington was a part of his childhood and a story he always remembered. He even ate marmalade sandwiches and although he often wore a hat he chose to put them in his bag instead. This is why it is brilliant that Paddington is brought to a new generation with the new film.
Paddington is a film for all ages and it is so much fun with a great deal of imagination. We learn how this small bear finds his way to London and moves in with the Brown family. Imagine what carnage a bear would cause in a London home? Well watch Paddington and you won’t have to. He gets into all types of scrapes. He is of course a lovable bear really brought through by the soft tones of Ben Wishaw and the cute CGI that created the bear. The family is made up of Mr Brown played by Hugh Bonneville who is a boring risk assessor who won’t do anything without calculating the risks first. Think of the risks of having a bear in the house? Mr Brown is soon taken on many adventures where he becomes a real hero, looking particularly stunning in a dress.
Mrs Brown played by Sally Hawkins is a soft and artistic type who forgets about reality and runs with her heart. She instantly loves the bear and makes a home for him in fear that people won’t be so kind to him. She loves adventure and excitement even if it means life is rather chaotic. The Browns have a son and a daughter, the son thinking having a bear in the house is really cool and the daughter thinking it will make them look weird and she just wants to fit in. There is also the weird and whacky Mrs Bird who is old and wise, but definitely had a fancy free life in the past meaning nothing shocks her.The whole family fall in love with the bear even though some members don’t have an instant love for him.

Where there is good, there is evil and Nicole Kidman plays the pantomime villain perfectly and has a great deal of fun with the character who is out to get the bear. The whole film is fun and made the audience burst into laughter on more than one occasion. The imagination from the director made this a film that you could lose yourself in and become a child again. The inventive scene changes told through Children’s toys is beautifully done. The inventiveness of the adventures Paddington has makes the film really exciting to watch. It’s a children’s film for everyone to see and an escape from some of the less upbeat films around at the moment. The timing for Christmas is perfect and I hope to see more adventures from Paddington.

The cast were perfectly chosen and delivered the comedy perfectly. Ben Wishaw was a late replacement for Colin Firth who felt he couldn’t get the voice right and I think he was right. You’ll have a great deal of fun at the pictures if you choose to see this and you’ll see an audience of young and old, some seeing Paddington for the first time and others reliving their childhood. Look out for the author Michael Bond at the train station. Enjoy!