The Maze Runner


I am going to try to do a review on this film despite missing parts where I fell asleep. It’s not all bad as I had a week of not much sleep, so my snoozing isn’t completely down to the film. In saying that, had I been more interested in the goings on I may have stayed awake throughout. The two ladies either side enjoyed it though, one being my girlfriend Amy and the other her friend Juliet. I didn’t even like the ice cream I had chosen, so although not a terrible night, not the best.

Again I have not read the book of The Mazerunner and again I have no intention of doing so because it was the storyline that sent me to sleep rather than the performances. Thomas lands in the mysterious place without knowing who he is, where he is and how he got there? He is soon being chased by a group of young men across green fields (the glades) with no where really to go. We do not know who the men are and why they are chasing him? Thomas soon tires and the others catch him up and this is where things are revealed. Each person has been sent to the glade without knowing much about why and how? Each month a new person is sent to join the gang and take up a role within the community based on their skill set. They need to survive!

There are some who are not so trusting in particular the character Gally who takes an instant dislike to Thomas because he asks too many questions. Thomas wants answers and flashbacks give him a hazey idea of what is going on and be wants to get out. The only way out is a large Maze, leading to no one knows where? A group is tasked with mapping it out and they are called the Mazerunners. Each day they head out and try to find their way out, mapping the maze as they go. Weird noises come from the inside of the maze at night from monsters known as Grievers. They are another danger for the boys of the glade to battle.

A last person arrives at the glade and its a girl, much to the surprise of the boys, particularly as she is the last one. Gally wants them all to stay put as he is scared of the dangers, but Thomas who proves his worth wants to get out. Are they part of some kind of experiment? What lies beyond the maze? What is a Griever? A lot is revealed by the end of the film, but not all and we know that this is only the beginning of the story, a small part of what is to come.

The story itself did not enthrall me in the slightest and there have been so many films like this in recent years which have been far better. The acting is good and I think Will Poulter will have an amazing career and he picks an American accent as if it was his own. This will help him go far! The Grievers looked ridiculous, but not having read the book I cannot judge who’s imagination they come from. They really didn’t put much thought into them, whoever it was? This is clearly one film of a set of films and this is an introduction, so it may well work when the next instalment comes along as on its own it doesn’t really tell much of a story, more it sets one up. I am not prepared to give up on this however and feel that this could be the start, although a poor one of a great set of films. Let’s wait and see.



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