The Purge Anarchy


My first thought when I saw that The Purge was going to have a sequel was “Really? But the first was so bad.” and the first really was bad, devoid of imagination, weak in plot and not particularly well acted. The idea of the purge is particularly interesting as I thought it could really delve into the human mind and see how far away from animals we really are? What would it take for a person to commit a heinous crime? Would one night on the loose be enough for some? Who would be the prey? Survival of the fittest comes to mind. Who would The Purge benefit and how could it be used?

purge 1

There are many more questions and of course many theory’s on what could happen if The Purge became reality. The first film did not come up with any questions and provided very little apart from a lot of ruthless killing with no real reason behind it. This is why it disappointed me. so I went intro the second film with very little optimism. That being said I did still go and see it, so there must have been some hope that the second film would be better. The second film was indeed far superior to the first and it did have a look at human nature and how The Purge would be used, and by whom, what benefit it would have to society. It also looked at the class structure and how the government would be involved.

purge 3

The build up is very similar to the first. The camera looks upon the people of the city and you know that somehow they will soon be close up and running for their lives. One couple break down on the motorway and you know they are going to be in for it. As people leave their place of work and their family to get inside you can easily identify who will be targeted. Those on the lower economic scale who cannot afford the expensive security systems will be the easy targets. This is where the survival of the fittest comes into it. There are those that seek revenge for the loved ones that they have lost either through a reckless act or a premeditated murder. Some will sacrifice themselves in order for their families have a better a life with more money. Some just get caught out through misfortune. The second film covers all these aspects of humanity.

Class is very important in the storyline as the rich target the poor and use those less fortunate than themselves for their little games. Can money really save your life? Maybe it can? Again this is where survival of the fittest comes in and those most powerful prey on those most weak. This can be said for the government too as uses The Purge to it’s advantage, but surely they are safe from the murderers out there? Their money will surely protect them? Unemployment is down because those at the bottom of the ladder are killed off, those without jobs or homes are the first ones targeted and the government are not scared to do this themselves, well pay someone else to do it at least. Crime would be down because those who have the urge would be free to do it on this one day of the year. Of course the rest of the year people like this could quite easily hold themselves back or would it make more murderers because once they have the taste of blood they may want more?

The Purge would of course be an unthinkable policy and one that would destroy society not protect it or make it better. So many people would be targeted and killed because of bigotry. Those that have racist views would target ethnic minorities, those that are homophobic may target those who are gay. What about those that are believed to be paedophiles, wrongly so on may occasions, surely they would be a target. Those that are ignorant enough to think that all Muslims are terrorist would surely act on their stupid views? How many people would actually be left if The Purge really came into existence. And that’s’ just murder, there are so many other disgusting crimes that would occur if people were free to commit them, The Purge only looks at killing and of course this is for good reason as it would truly be unwatchable if they reflected on what might actually happen, It would truly be a night that you could only imagine in your worst nightmares.

The second purge film skims some of the ideas of what could happen and rightly so, but at least it does tackle a small part of it, which makes it an interesting film, Im glad they didn’t take it too far, but also feel that the second film played out the way I thought it should and explored a great deal of the human mind and the peoples actions.

purge 2


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