I have the Power!!


It’s the age old question! If you could have one power what would it be? My thoughts of this stem from the fact they I am currently watching the X-Men films. I’d be pretty gutted if I were an X-man with a rubbish power, for instance having butterfly wings, which would look pretty girly on my masculine frame (those that know me, know that I say this in jest). Invisibility would be amazing but in the wrong hands this could be turned into something more sinister. Have any of you seen Hollowman?

Would you go for supreme strength? What would you do with it? Maybe you could win the Worlds strongest man? Become boxing world champion? Or fight world wars on your own? The head of the X-Men band can read minds, place himself in the bodies of others and read the past. Would you really want to know what was in someone’s mind? You might not like what you find. You would know someone’s true opinion of you, but who wants to know that?

The ability to time travel would be amazing! Did you know that on the 22nd of this month Marty Mcfly arrived into the future. The vision from 1985 was way off the reality although much more interesting. I would be very wary of seeing the future because you might find out things about your own life. I would love to see the swinging 60’s, the age if Dicken’ s and be able to see the true size of Henry the 8th. This too could have catastrophic consequences.

Having seen a large number of countries on my travels, many being 3rd world, I would love the power to eradicate greed. Surely this would stop wars, corruption, hunger and crime. I would love to see everyone have their fair share! What would your power be?



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