I have said this about a million times and those who have read my blogs know that I love a simple storyline and often think they can be the best, the writer can make them so complicated that they become unbelievable or confusing. I think that is where Transcendence went wrong because it made little sense and became unbelievable. Anyway the reason why I am talking about simple storylines is because I recently saw the film Locke, which has an extremely simple storyline, but it is unique and extremely well acted.

The basic plot is about a man driving home from work, he is a foreman on a record breaking building. This record is stated over and over again throughout the film and I wont spoil it by telling you what it is. The important part of the record is the fact that it is extremely hard to manage and Locke is the only man that can do it, it is also worth a lot of money and if there is the tiniest fault with in the construction then millions of pounds will be lost. You will see why this is important when you watch the film and I really hope you do because it really is a brilliant film.

It will take around an hour and half for Locke to get to his destination, if traffic is good and lucky enough as Locke enjoys saying “traffic is good”. This destination will change Locke’s life forever, in some ways this is brilliant and in some ways this is heart wrenchingly bad. The whole film takes place within Locke’s car and apart from a few views of the motorway that is all you will see in the 90 minutes of the film. On the way to his destination Locke will make and receive many phone calls, which will have a massive impact on his life. The calls will affect his family, his work and his colleagues in a massive way. There are many emotions shown on Locke’s face throughout the journey, some good and some bad. He feels anger, despair, happiness, relief, sadness, pride and excitement, which makes for a very interesting journey which will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The Locke we see today is a different Locke from the one we would see yesterday because as he mentions “I am not quite myself today”. Every person he calls can sense this and eventually they will know why and as an audience you find out pretty quickly what is troubling him. We join Locke at probably the most pivotal point in his life and a time that could destroy what he has achieved so far. Yet Locke is in complete control of the situation and intends for everything to work out and I believe that he thinks it will. At some points he is so cool under pressure that you begin to think that he really doesn’t care about certain outcomes. His actions tonight are based on his childhood and the actions of his father and we see Locke looking into his rear view mirror on many occasions and talking as if he is talking to his father, who of course isn’t there. I believe that the whole thing could have been avoided had he made the decision to turn left at the beginning of the film instead of right, but would that have been the right thing to do? this film is all about doing the right thing.

Tom Hardy brings out a great performance and is the only visual actor throughout the film and everything is focused on him. Not once did I drift off because Tom hardy keeps you gripped throughout, which is very hard to do. There are a number of people talking on the phone, which sounds easy to act out, but I imagine it is a lot harder to portray emotion and make it believable when you cannot be seen. The actors on the phone really give you an image of what is going on there and you start to imagine what they look like, which keeps your mind active throughout. This as a I have said before is a unique film and was thought out by the director as he himself travelled down the motorway. I just hope his journey was not quite as dramatic as Locke’s.


6 thoughts on “Locke

  1. This opened last week in the U.S. but in very limited release. I can’t wait to see it when it comes to my neck of the woods. Great review. I really am looking forward to seeing it now.

  2. Tom Hardy is one of the few actors that can carry a film on his own with literally just his face. Even in Bronson he was mostly doing scenes by himself and they were mesmerizing.

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