Can a machine ever feel emotion? Can it show emotion and can human beings fall in love with machines? I would say “no” to all these questions. I do believe this is something that the future may bring however, man or woman with machine. Surely life would be far easier because the machine would do what we wanted it to, look how we wanted it to and could be with us as little and as often as we want it to . The film Her aims to answer these questions and by the end most questions are answered.

Theodore is a letter writer who is going through a divorce, which has left him in a melancholy state, totally confused with his emotions. His wife never believed that Theo could ever deal with her or for that matter his own emotions. He enjoyed the fun times, But as soon as things got bad he couldn’t cope. He wanted a relationship where he could just have the fun without the emotions that another person brings. His friends tried to set him up with a lady, leading to a disastrous date where he had a great night with an attractive woman, who offered sex, but the cost was a meaningful relationship. This proved too expensive and Theo ran for the nearest hill top.

This film is all based in the future although it’s not completely different from our lives now. There are no flying cars, laser guns, weird clothing, however there is slightly more advanced technology, which focus’ on interaction. A new operating system creates a person designed by you that can organise your life from simple things like organising meetings, emails, meeting up with friends and reading your work. This system has a personality, is able to show emotions such as laughter, happiness, sadness and even love. They can be with you whenever you want through an earpiece and messages shown through a little handheld screen. This seems to be the perfect woman for Theo without any complications. They can even have sex although not in the conventional physical way and this is part of the battle. The computer system “feels” inadequate because they have no physical body. It battles with the fact that it cannot hug or kiss the person they love. Is it real though? A machine cannot feel these emotions? They cannot truly be sad or happy or fall in love? Can the human truly be happy with a machine? This is a beautiful film that explores all these questions and by the end tries to give the answers. What is good is that the film still leaves you with questions at the end? I really enjoy films that leave you thinking.
A must watch 8/10




2 thoughts on “Her

  1. stephili10

    That to me sounds a bit like internet dating.. lol … That sounds sill but if you think about it, you’re falling in love with a machine; it’s not a real person. I really wanted to see this and now I def. will!

  2. Completely agree with you on this one! It is a film that stays with you beyond the running time and I hope it is a big hit. I pray to the film-gods for more directors like Spike Jonze, who are unafraid to put their art out there, even if it will obviously face ridicule from those who probably won’t even see it.

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