The Wolf of Wall Street


Brilliant performances, brilliant direction,brilliantly funny and brilliantly ridiculous! This is 3 hours of pure circus involving lots of sex, lots of drugs, lots of money, lots of near death edge of your seat stuff. Everything in this film involves “lots of” and for me it meant lots of laughs. I’m not sure if Scorsese set out to make a comedy, but it really worked because I think if it hadn’t been taken from this stand point then I think it would be truly depressing.

This man rose up from the depths to become a very rich and powerful man. He started out as a young married man who had a moral code, which was completely shattered by the stockbroker lifestyle. I’m not sure what changed him? Was it the money? The power? Or the drugs? Either way they all add up to creating a monster. It is human nature to want more and when you can have everything it is very dangerous.

This is not a film for those that are shocked very easily or prudish about nudity because there are more naked women then you care to imagine. Ladies you get the chance to see Leo in his birthday suit too, if that appeals to you? It is a life in full abandon, even the man himself can’t believe he is still alive. The drugs alone should have killed him let alone a sinking yacht, near crashes in a helicopter and an unforgettable drive home from the country club.

Leonardo is absolutely electric in this film,to such an extent you leave the cinema buzzing yourself. The energy he commits to the role is outstanding, his comedy timing and the hilarious way he uses his body in such an elastic way when using drugs is side splitting. The emotions of laughter, anger, disgust, fear and sadness are all brought so close to you by his performance. I think very few could pull this off and still make the film believable. The transition made from innocent young man to hedonistic ring master is seamless, almost like playing two completely different characters. I think Leonardo doesn’t get the credit he deserves sometimes, but it’s hard to name a film where he doesn’t perform. Any other year he would be taking home the Oscar, but unfortunately he is up against a lot of big performances this year.

Jonah Hill was only paid 36,000 for this film, which to you and me is a massive sum of money, but in Hollywood it is a pittance. Jonah Hill so wanted to work with Scorcese that he was willing to give up his house. In return he has got an Oscar nomination so everyone was a winner. I haven’t seen Jonah in many films, apart from a quick turn on turn off of Superbad, which I believe was aptly named. This however was a great comedic performance and the partnership with Leo seemed so natural despite how completely different they were. He was able to talk so dryly and seriously about the most ridiculous things. An example of this was the discussion about throwing small people at a large target.

The whole cast made this a film to remember each adding a bit of comedy to the film due to their various characteristics and idiosyncrasies. Please don’t expect any justice and if you can be quite happy to go along with the ride you’ll have a fun 3 hours.


7 thoughts on “The Wolf of Wall Street

  1. The thing about Leonardo DiCaprio – every single time he’s been nominated it’s ‘any other year he would have won’. Scorsese considered holding off the release so it would be part of the Oscar race next year. It would have been more of a front runner for best picture (probably) but, knowing DiCaprio’s luck, it would have been another year where everyone said ‘any other year he’d take home the Oscar.’ They’ll give him one eventually. He’s on his fourth nomination now, so he probably doesn’t have much longer to wait.

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