aaarrrgh! its all coming out at me, erm no its not!


I love film and I do not think I can repeat this enough! There are very few things that annoy me when films come into conversation. I could endlessly chat about all the film’s I have watched, my favourite stars and the subject that films can bring to the public’s attention. I am a member of Cineworld meaning that I can go to the cinema as often as time allows me to. I can go and see films that I usually wouldn’t see without having to think about the cost of going to see a bad film. I no longer have to wait for that special film to arrive each year because I no longer have to spend a fortune to see it. This means that I have come across quite a few surprises over the last year, which has been really refreshing. This however is not want I want to talk about.

I do have a bug bare about 3d film, not only the point of it, but also it’s dominance of screening time at the cinema. I do not like 3d film, one thing is wearing the glasses, which is not so much a problem now because I no longer have to wear specs, but I find them a nuisance. The film’s don’t always look great in 3d and I don’t really understand the benefit. This is, I must admit coming from a person that has only watched a few films in 3d, so I can in no way can render myself an expert. This being said I have been completely underwhelmed by the film’s I have seen in 3d. One film I was really looking forward to seeing in 3d was The Life of Pi and it really did fall flat. It is a great film which did not utilise the 3d capabilities, whether this was due to budget or the fact that it couldn’t be worked, I am not sure? The best 3d effects were in the opening credits, which seemed a complete waste. This has put me off watching any further films in 3d. I would like to be educated by anyone that has more knowledge of 3d and has seen more films than me in that concept? I would love to be proven wrong.

Another annoyance is the amount of screens 3d takes up, especially when there are more than one film using that concept. My partner and I wanted to see Gravity and it proved difficult because the majority of screens were now being used for the same film in 3d. This meant that due to our shift patterns we only had the opportunity to see it at 2 screen times throughout the time it was at cinemas. As it happened I would have rather have missed it, but that’s neither here nor there. We are very lucky to have a 12 screen cinema near where we live, but surely cinemas smaller that this must struggle to screen 2d films? Cinemas are barely full at the best of times, so do people really go to 3d films? Please educate me on this.

Moan over



One thought on “aaarrrgh! its all coming out at me, erm no its not!

  1. I’m pretty sure, on average, less people see 3D movies. But the tickets are more expensive, so they make more money. Like, Avatar (looked beautiful, but the 3D was pointless) made a ton of money – but it didn’t have the most ticket sale by a wide berth. I’m pretty sure a film has yet to sell as many tickets as Gone With the Wind.

    There are a few movies I like in 3D. Like How to Train Your Dragon was amazing in 3D. So was The Amazing Spider-Man.

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