Get Out


I have been putting this film off for a while now. I remember seeing the trailer at the cinema and thinking it looked like a low budget horror, so really had no plans to see it. Then there started to be quite a lot of talk around the message it was trying to put across. Then the Oscars came and it won for best screen play and I thought I should really check it out.

So last night was the night and to be fair I haven’t really gained much from the experience. I agree it’s original but in my opinion it’s original because there was no need to make it. I get the message around racism to some extent, but for me this is lost with stereotyping. I don’t think it really achieves what it needs to.


The basic story is about a couple, the female being white and the male being black and its time to meet the parents. They live in part of the country where mixed race relationships are not the norm, so there is some anxiety for the black boyfriend before even heading there.

On arrival he is warmly welcomed into the family to a point where they are sycophantic. They start off raving about Obama to prove they are not racist, which if course raises suspicion. The servants are all black, which takes you back nearly 100 years, so it is clear not all is what it seems. I could go with it from that point, but it soon gets rather ridiculous!

The film moves onto hypnosis, surgical operations, brain swapping and some gory violence. It was like watching a hammer horror film dating back to the 60’s. I was half expecting Christopher Lee to turn up. There was very little suspense though and characters came to the conclusion around what was happening too quickly. The end was too sudden and could have been explored to a much better affect.

I won’t say my experience was awful, but on the other hand I really didn’t gain from it. If the writer was trying to tackle racism then it really didn’t work and the message was lost in the nonsense.

The end of the F**King World. Season 1


I recently watched season 2 having seen season 1 when it first came out. Like the first season I didn’t really know what to expect, but it has become my favourite show over the last year.


It starts with a psycho, brings in a brutal Yorkshire lass, throws in some abandonment, teenage angst, adventure, wonderful music, a murder, a chase and finishes with a tragic love story. What more can you want?

James believes he is a psychopath and wants to move on from killing little creatures and bag himself a real kill. His attention is drawn to a girl at school called Alyssa who on first sight is rather obnoxious. She is daring and up front and very direct in what she wants. The kissing scenes are hilarious as James sits there like a cold fish while Alyssa attempts to make out with him. His main focus is the kill!!

They both struggle at home. James has an annoying father and lost his mum to suicide, which has caused him to shut off all his emotions. Alyssa was abandoned by her dad leaving her mum to bring her up. Her mum meets and marries a real slime ball and they have twins. Alyssa is pushed out and ignored making her bitter and angry. She shows this by insulting everyone she comes across.

As they spend time together taking cars, committing a murder, going on the run and falling in love you see James leave his ice cold exterior behind as he finally feels emotion. In Alyssa you still see the rage, but you see smiles, laughter and the warmth she has. You also see how important it is for her to be loved.

Nit quite loves young dream.

It’s great hearing their inner thoughts and it’s clear that James doesn’t read Alyssa at all. Despite all the tragedy there are so many funny moments. It’s been told to make you feel awkward and you certainly see how bad the main characters are at social situations. They also manage to cover subjects such depression, death, sex, anxiety and the show successfully helps you warm to the characters.

On top of that you have an amazing 60s soundtrack. Laughing on the outside and crying on the inside being one of the major tracks and it’s no doubt something we have all done. The events although seem to be in the present time could easily be in any decade. The music sets the emotion and is vital to the show. It sets the scenes and draws out each characters emotions.

The two stars Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther play teenagers brilliantly. You would never know that they are in their 20s. They are able to show the characters awkwardness, fun, love and fear. You really route for them along the way and feel their disappointments. It’s clear the two actors have great chemistry and they bring two people who are so different successfully together.

I love this show and I hope there is more. I think so many people can relate to the people involved, particularly those who have been through trauma.

He’s not that into it.

Cobra Kai


I loved karate kid when I was a kid. I was super excited when Cobra Kai was released with the original Karate kid star Ralph Machio and the original actor who plays Jonny Lawrence. It starts 30 years on and their lives couldn’t be more different. Daniel is now a successful business man and Lawrence is a washed up maintenance man still bitter from his loss all those years ago. They have very different lives, but when Jonny Lawrence starts the Cobra Kai up again it has a big impact on Daniel. The message is still the same “Mercy is for the weak” you know some how revenge is on the cards.

I love the flashbacks from the original movie and I hope there will be more of the original characters coming in. You would think Jonny would have learnt that his original Sensai screwed up his life and now he is doing the same to the next generation.

Kong- Skull Island


This is a massive monster movie where the monsters are the stars. I have seen Kong before in various adaptations and it hasnt really worked since the 1930’s version. This most recent film is pretty spectacular in the monster sense. There are monsters everywhere and they come in all shapes and sizes.

The story explains how the island of Kong is discovered. It is like the Bermuda triangle where people suddenly go missing. It is a land sheltered by a storm which can suck you in when it feels like it. This happens to two unfortunate pilots who come from different sides of WW2. They continue to fight until a large shadow is cast over them.

The film whizzes off to 1973 where crazy scientists claim that they have found an undiscovered island home to many monsters. An expedition is agreed with the support of the army who have just retreated from the Vietnam War. We also have a photographer and a  tracker who will help on the journey.

They manage to fight there way through the storm, but soon wish they hadn’t as they have reached the scariest place on earth. To state that Kong isn’t happy about them being there would be an understatement. He soon gets his hands on those small helicopters leading to a spectacular and imaginitive fight. The survivors now have to find their way out of this nightmare.

As I mentioned from the top, the monsters are the stars. The fight scenes have been created brillianty. The monsters are pretty scary and some scenes are pretty brutal. The human cast struggle throughout and are a complete side show. Tom Hiddleston as the hero is truly  awful and wooden. This was really miscast and he struggles in this action film. The same can be said for Brie Larson as her character has no real depth. John Goodman is good as the crazy scientist, but again it is not a great part.The star of the film is Jonh C Riley who plays the pilot left on the island from 1944. He struggles having been isolated for all these years and comes across as a little crazy. He has the best background story and some great lines. Samuel Jackson struggles too, but he does have some strength to his character. The slow motion camera scenes are just pure cheese and feel cringeworthy.

Unfortunately the makers of this film spent more time on the monsters than the humans. This makes for great peaks during the Kong scenes, but huge troughs for the humans. The monster scenes are definitely worth a watch and make a poor film into  one worth a watch.


A Cure For Wellness


Well what can I say? What a weird film that had very little structure in it’s storyline and very hammy acting. I have enjoyed quite a few of Dehaans performances since Place Beyond the Pines and he is the best part of this film. The rest of the cast are just far too over the top to be credible. This is even before we learn the truth, which is painfully clear quite early on.

Dehaan plays Lockhart a coldblooded businessman who knows how to get results. He is pretty emotionless most likely because of traumatic events in his past. He is a young scrooge type guy who cares about no one. The board of the company task him to bring back a member called Pembrooke  from Switzerland to close a company merger. Unfortunately this member is suffering from ill health and is residing in a hospital in Switzerland for his treatment. 

It is clear when Lockhart arrives that this is not a normal hospital. It is a building from centuries ago linked with a Baron who was in an incestuous relationship with his sister. She was burnt at the stake for her sins and their legend lives long amongst the local community. His aim was to create a pure blood line, which wasn’t uncommon centuries ago. Did he succeed?

As you have probably guessed it isnt a straight forward task to get Pembrooke back to business. Firstly they wont let Lockhart see him due to their strict visiting hours. The plan to come back is scuppered when Lockhart is involved in a major car crash on the way back to his hotel. Fortunately he is not too far from a hospital and guess which one he ends up at? Now with a cast on his leg he is an impatient along with his friend Mr Pembrooke. It is clear that not all is what it seems, there is certainly something in the water. All the patients are blissfully happy as they receive their treatments, play sports and eat a banquet of food.

They are all under the marvelous care of the doctor played by Jason Isaacs. He puts on a german accent for the role as he plays a mad scientist trying to cure everyone. Such a lovely kind man! Most of the patients are old, but for one girl who has not seen beyond the hospital walls. She has been kept very childlike as the doctor treats what ever is wrong with her. She reveals to Lockhart that no one ever leaves the hospital.

Lockhart soon meets up with Pembrooke and plans to get him out, but Pembrooke soon disappears. Lockhart is soon under the water treatment aswell which involves a number of Eels swimming round him as he is submerged. A male nurse wstches as he lays in the water, but is distracted with a game of doctors and nurses involving another nurse. This almost leads to Lockharts demise.

Lockhurt is determined to find answers. We see many horrors along the way as treatment starts to resemble torture. We see blood, bodies, violence and monsters. This is not the tranquil place it first seemed as there is a disgusting underbelly to the hospital led by the mad scientist.

This is just a weird film which resembles a huge mess of a storyline. The performances from the supporting cast are fun, but over the top. The young girl strangely has an English accent, which makes no sense. The history of the hospital and the people in it just sounds ludicrous. You will need a cure for your ownwellness after watching for nearly two and a half hours. Definitely one to miss.